Friday First | w7 Eyelust

So after a trying of a few of the base products from w7 and falling in love with them, I thought it was time that I tried some of their makeup pieces. I have a huge list of bits that I'm wanting to try from w7, in fact I might end up doing a wish list post all on those. But when I was in B&M just the other week I was lusting over the pieces from w7 that they have and ended up picking up the Eyelust mascara. Eyelust is quite simply described as a mascara that allows you to "create long, black curly lashes with this super bristled brush" (

So let's start with the packaging. It's bright, it's chunky, and it's tacky.. Which for some people is an absolute nightmare but there is just something about it that I love and I don't know why, maybe it's because I can so easily find it in my makeup bag when hunting through everything else. Let's be honest, I had the biggest shock of my life when I opened this mascara and saw the brush. To say it's a super bristled brush is a complete understatement, it's quite honestly the biggest mascara brush I've ever used in my life. Amazingly though it's a lot easier to use than I anticipated, I half expected to have mascara all over my eyelids if I'm honest. It is a chunky brush and you do have to use it with a very light hand to not get it on your eyelid, it's not the easiest to capture the tiniest lashes with but it's a lot easier to use than you'd think. Now I'd say that this mascara really does make my lashes long, but I can't really say it's adds any extra curl to them. Annoyingly I can't comment on if it's waterproof or not because I can't seem to find this information anywhere; I'm going to assume that if I'm not told then it's not. However this mascara withheld a night out, a gig during which I got very warm and also cried, and it's currently surviving me being really ill, coughing, sneezing and just being generally attractive.. So if it's not waterproof then it seems to hold up really, really well; I haven't noticed any transferring during the day or any annoying fall out.

Will I continue to use w7's Eyelust Mascara? I will do. I'm really enjoying the formula of this mascara and I'm enjoying how my lashes look after using this. My lashes look long and separated without looking spider like. It holds up well throughout the day, and it's also served me well throughout the night.
Would I repurchase w7's Eyelust Mascara? I think I will. I think it's going to become a mascara I use regularly alongside my beloved Natural Collection mascara, so I'm definitely onto a winner here.
Would I recommend w7's Eyelust Mascara? Definitely. Set aside your thoughts of the packaging, and the brush. If I'd have seen the brush before I'd have never have picked it up, but I really love the way this mascara makes my lashes look. Definitely take the plunge and give this w7 mascara a go!
Overall score out of 5? A 4. The brush took me a couple of times to get right, I really had to practice using it with a light hand to not get mascara everywhere and I really can't capture my tiny lashes with it. It doesn't really add any extra curl to my lashes, but the length and the overall look it gives to my lashes definitely makes up for this. I'm still not 100% sure if this mascara is waterproof; I don't think it is, but it seems to hold up pretty well to say it isn't.

Have you tried w7's Eyelust Mascara? Are you a fan of w7's mascaras? Have you ever tried any mascaras from w7? Do you have any recommendations of any makeup products from w7 that I should try? Let me know!