Beauty | The Body Shop Vitamin E 3 Step Regime

I apparently still have zero self control when I'm in The Body Shop. The other week I genuinely popped into The Body Shop to pick up my beloved Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter and when I got to the till the lovely guy told me that because I'm a Body Shop Love Your Body Member I was entitled to a 30% if I just spent a little bit more money. I couldn't really see anything else that I wanted, until I saw the Vitamin E 3 Step Regime all put in together in a little package and I couldn't resist!

I've been looking at the Vitamin E range for a while but because I've been trying out different skin care pieces I've never got round to trying it fully. But what I really like about this range is that there is this 3 step regime or there are a few other bits and pieces you can add in and substitute bits for. The whole range contains moisturising wheatgerm oil as well as vitamin E which makes every single product in this range smell beautiful, to me everything just smells very oaty and I love it.

The Cream Cleanser was the product I was most interested in trying and it's the first step in this regime. I was really interested in how well a cleanser would work that you apply straight onto your skin that claims to remove your makeup which you then just remove with a cotton pad. The Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter is my absolute right arm when it comes to makeup removal so I didn't really have high hopes, however the cream cleanser breaks down my makeup really easily and it is so easily removed by a cotton pad. The only part I still can't seem to get my head around is that I don't need to rinse or wash my face after using this.

The next step is the Hydrating Toner. Now if I'm honest I've had a very up and down relationship with toners over the years with my skincare, because I honestly don't understand what I'm using a toner for. Using this after the cream cleanser helps me to remove the last traces of the cleanser from my face and remove any last traces of any makeup I might have missed. I do feel that it leaves my face feeling squeaky clean after using this over my face.

The last step of the regime is the moisture cream. This moisturiser is super lightweight and sinks into the skin incredibly easily without being greasy or leaving a horrible feeling on my skin. I've swapped to using this moisturiser on a twice daily basis at the minute because something is drying my skin out awfully at the minute and I can't work out what so I need to put some moisture back into my skin and this is so lightweight but really seems to be helping on the moisture front.

So far I've been enjoying this skincare range, it's not broke my out and it's been really helping with the dryness and flakiness I've been suffering from lately. The smell is really comforting and the whole range just feels cooling on the skin. In this regime the only thing I'm not really sure on personally is the toner, purely because I've never been sure on toners and I think I'd personally swap it out for something like the overnight serum-in-oil because I think that could be something that would be really helpful.