Life | Musical Nostalgia Tag

I wish I could remember how I managed to stumble across this tag, but as soon as I saw it I knew it was one that I had to do. I've been wanting to write a post all about music nostalgia and memories, so as soon as I found this tag over on chloemarisasnow I knew it would be the perfect way for me to talk all about this.

1. Which band did you hate that everyone liked?
When I was in Year 7 and 8 everyone seemed to love both System of a Down and Muse and I just still to this day can't stand either of them. A little bit harsh but I just can't. I also don't get the hype around Foo Fighters..

2. The album that soundtracked your school years?
Oh god, I can probably break this down to about 3 or 4. Year 7 and 8 was definitely defined by Fall Out Boy's From Under The Cork Tree and Panic!'s A Fever You Can't Sweat Out. In Year 9 I was absolutely in love with Boys Like Girls' self-titled album. In Year 10 Mayday Parade completely took over with A Lesson In Romantics and Year 11 was a huge mixture of whoever was around on the scene at the time. McFly would have also been a constant throughout my school years also though!

3. What was the first CD you owned?
I'm really trying to think about the first CD I bought with my own money, and I have a feeling it might have been Busted. Thinking about it a lot more I know it was one of the 3 CD collections where you'd have 3 different covers, and I really want to say it was Air Hostess?

4. Were you obsessed with any bands when you were younger?
Oh my god yes. I was a huge McFly fan, and I still am. I was also a huge Westlife fan, I had literally every CD and I was also a huge Steps fan, I convinced my Mum to pay to let me watch them live on Sky, oh my god I cringe so hard thinking about it.

5. Are there any bands from when you were younger that you still listen to?
I still listen to McFly on like a daily basis, I honestly can't imagine my life without McFly and I know that sounds a little dramatic. Honestly, they're the only band that have definitely carried me through my childhood that continue to carry me through my adulthood.

6. What was your favourite music video?
I wouldn't say that I had a favourite music video but I loved music videos where I could copy the dance routines and then we could practice them in the playground the next day. Also me and my Mum used to copy the dance routines together, yep we were so cool.

7. Did you ever go through a 'phase' if so what did you listen to?
Everyone else will tell you that I went through an emo phase, but I'll tell you that the fact I'm still going to Slam Dunk at the age of 22 that emo isn't a phase, it's a lifestyle.

8. Have any family members influenced your music taste?
My parents have had a huge influence on my music taste. My Dad has a huge passion for Frank Sinatra and that kind of music and I absolutely love this music to this day. My Mum always used to play 80s music at me, she still does actually, so I love a good cheesy sing along every now and then. They have a lot to answer for.

9. Did you ever like any songs from movie/video game soundtracks?
For as long as I can remember I've always loved musicals so I've always loved movie soundtracks I guess. I can't really think of any songs from any movies or video games that I can remember.

10. What was the ultimate school disco song?
For my generation the Cha Cha Slide was the ultimate school disco song and it would have everyone lined up on the dance floor doing every move in perfect time. We also had classics like the Macarena and Saturday Night.