Holiday Diaries | Amsterdam Edition

I feel like this is the most picture heavy post ever but I've actually narrowed it down as much as I can to the pictures that I feel best show our time in Amsterdam. I'm a huge believer that pictures speak a thousand words, and we saw and did so much that these are genuinely just a snapshot into our long weekend into the world that is Amsterdam. Basically all credit goes to Ryan for the pictures because he's a better photographer than I'll ever be.

It's an interesting place that I instantly fell in love with and I'd definitely go back. We got to see some incredible sights, we got to see some actual Banksy work, see the Red Light District, visit the best zoo ever, I got to be the ultimate fan girl and find The Fault In Our Stars Bench and we got to visit the Anne Frank House. Also if I never smell weed again in my life I swear it will still be too soon.. If you've never visited Amsterdam then it's definitely a place I'd highly recommend you visit at least once!