Beauty | w7 Base Products

w7 is a brand that I've only tried a few things from but everything I've tried I've always loved. Although I literally have no idea where to get my hands on it, this brand seriously seems to be like gold dust in the UK. When I found a shop while I was on holiday that literally had every w7 product I could imagine I knew I had to pick up a few bits. I can't lie, it's definitely thanks to Ruby who blogs over at chasingrubieschasingpearl that I'm aware just how good w7's makeup range is! I was very tempted to try some makeup pieces, but I wasn't able to colour test anything properly so I thought I'd pick up a few concealers and just stick to the base for now.

So the first thing I knew I just had to pick up was the Prime Magic Anti-Redness Primer which as you can see is a green primer which works to counteract any redness within the skin and then acts like a typical primer by creating a smooth surface for makeup to work on top of. Now I don't suffer horrendously from redness, I have a little bit around the bottom and edges of my nose and if I have any huge face daemons they will probably come with some redness. Now with this being a anti-redness primer I can go in with this over my whole face which I find a lot easier. I can't say I notice it makes a difference to the redness in my skin when I apply it straight away, but I have noticed that the redness doesn't come through my foundation as much so it's definitely helped with that. Also my makeup does last a hell of a lot longer with this primer and looks better all day long!

I then knew the next thing I'd be wanting to try would be the Porefection Pore Minimizer. I can't say that I feel I suffer with huge pores, but they're larger than I'd like them to be especially in my T-Zone. I initially was a little put off by the fact that this product is slightly coloured, and I was worried if it was going completely throw off the shade of my foundation. I only really apply this to my T-Zone and the tops of my cheeks and as soon as you apply this to your face it disappears and the colour is nothing to worry about. I can't really say it dramatically files my pores in or minimises them amazingly, I'd say it just blurs them out slightly. I'm not reaching for this on a daily basis, more on those days when I really want my makeup to look a lot more made up than usual.

The last thing I picked up was the Go Corrective Concealer in Green, and the girl serving me in the shop really did look at me gone out when I handed her two green makeup products. This works in the same way as the anti-redness primer by working to neutralize the red tones within the skin, although it's just a concealer. If I'm honest I've only used this once and I actually found it very difficult to warm up so that I could work it into my skin cause lets be honest, the last thing that I want it a huge green blotch on my face that hasn't been blended properly. As a concealer it is lightweight and creamy and you really can't tell that you're wearing it. I'm definitely saving this for those days where I have a lot more redness or I'm really suffering with my skin.

With what I've tried from w7 I'm really impressed and the list of products to try is growing by the day!