Beauty | MAC False Lases Extreme Black

So I don't think I've ever really trusted the little sample giveaways on Facebook before, but one of my friends told me about the MAC one and that I just had to give it a go. So it actually worked and a mini sample of MACs False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara eventually dropped on my doorstep.. So if you've been thinking about it, definitely give them a go.

I can't actually say I've ever heard a lot about any of the mascaras by MAC, I've heard a lot of their other bits of makeup but never their mascaras. So the False Lashes Extreme Black mascara is described as a mousse-like formula that pushes up your lashes for maximum volume.. I can't comment on the mousse-like formula because it just looks and feels like a typical mascara formula to me while I'm using it.

The key benefits are meant to be volume, curl and a 'dramatic exaggerated look' leaving you with lashes that look 'magnified, thick, long, curled and full-feathered'.. So have I noticed any of these claims? I can definitely say that my lashes have looked longer and thicker while using this mascara, although I can't say if I noticed them looking any more curled. In fact this mascara makes my lashes so long, thicker and fuller that if I set my makeup with my setting spray too soon then I'll actually have mascara lines both under my eyes and just under my eyebrows, which is a fantastic look to try and fix just as you're setting your makeup as you can imagine.

If you try to build this mascara up too quickly then it will clump and you'll have no option but to start again because there is literally no going back and fixing that. However one thing I did learn last weekend when Ryan and me got caught in some horrendous wind and rain is that this mascara withstands the rain really, really well. Will I be paying £19 for it? I'm not quite sure. I like it, I really do but I'm not sure if I love it.. I have mascaras that I love and I think work just as well for a hell of a lot cheaper.