Life | Goodbye August

Dear August,

I didn't write again last month and I'm sorry. I was on holiday at the start of July and then the rest of the month just ran away with me, I don't really have a decent excuse for not writing. Although I've finally included some pictures of my Potter tattoos for you! These were taken probably an hour or two after I'd had them done, they're now all healed but I just haven't taken any new pictures if I'm honest.

If I'm honest August the Potterhead within really did take over this month. With the Cursed Child coming out on July 31st really you were set up to be a Potter month naturally, but me and my cousin also managed to get tickets to see the Cursed Child next November and I'm genuinely so excited! It still doesn't feel real yet though. This also made me definitely want to get my hands on some prints for my room and I couldn't resist these beautiful prints from fellow blogger Tarnya who blogs over at and has her very own Etsy store over at which I highly recommend!

Me and Ryan have finally booked to get away and we're actually flying out to Amsterdam tomorrow for 4 nights. I'm so happy to be finally getting away even if it is just for 4 nights, with how this year has been it's been long awaited and believe me I'll make sure I enjoy every single second of it.

Ryan also bought a proper camera this month we also went out for the day to try it out. So being the biggest child in the world naturally where else would we go, obviously Yorkshire Wildlife Park. I got to see Polar Bears and we also got to Squirrel Monkeys. I literally had no idea what a Squirrel Monkey was but oh my god I was given the cutest answer in the world!

Anyway, I'm off to get everything prepared for flying tomorrow so I'll see you on Tuesday morning!

Beka. xo