Life | Buff & Butter Essential Oils

Who doesn't love essential oils? Personally I think they're wonderful; they have so many uses from aromatherapy, skincare, to just helping your house smell nice. You can become so creative with essential oils they're beautiful. However, if I'm honest I don't see essential oils available in many places to buy, and when I do they're either really tiny bottle or they just don't look very good quality.

I was given the chance to work with Buff & Butter* and test out some of their essential oils, and of course I couldn't resist! I was able to pick out the five essential oils that I wanted to try, which wasn't easy to do seeing as Buff & Butter have 54 essential oils to chose from.. I didn't even know that many essential oils existed! I love how Buff & Butter have a stopper on the bottle of their essentials oils so that you're not wasting any product. Lets be honest if you're as clumsy as me these little bottles are really easy to knock over and you can potentially waste so much product, but I feel so much safer knowing that I have a stopper on and it really helps control how much oil you use too!

The first essential oil I knew I'd be wanting was Tea Tree, naturally. Everybody knows that tea tree is basically magical and it can do everything, but I mainly wanted it for those days when I'm having really bad skin days. On these days what I do is mix a couple of drops of the tea tree oil into my night cream and massage it into my skin and let it work it's magic overnight and that seems to work for me. I know there is a lot of debate over whether you should apply tea tree oil directly to skin which is why I mix it in with my night cream. I'm also about to start using this on my back and shoulders, so stay tuned for an update! I also knew I'd definitely be wanting to pick up the Lavender essential oil because my sleep lately has been so poor. I have a spray I use on my pillow most nights, but on those nights where I'm really struggling I've been placing a few drops of lavender oil onto the top corners of my pillow and it's been sending me into the most beautiful sleep ever. According to the Buff & Butter website apparently Lavender is also meant to be good for skin irritation, so I'm tempted to introduce this into my skincare also.

I chose Citronella mainly for my Mum because she absolutely hates insects in the summer, so I chose that one so she could go crazy repelling insects, along with every other way she knows how. Again, I've since learnt that it's meant to be good for oily skin so I might be checking back in with an update on if that's worked for me. I chose Ylang Ylang because it's a scent I've always used growing up and it's a definite favourite of mine. It's another scent that I find really relaxing and soothing, so I mix a few drops of this in with my body butter to help soothe my skin further and also just to give my skin that little something extra, because why not?

That left me with one more option and I really didn't know that any other essential oils existed really, so I just went for a scent that I thought sounded fun. I chose Grapefruit because it's a definite favourite of mine, and after reading about it on the Buff & Butter site I didn't realise it also had such good properties. Grapefruit is definitely that wake me up and pick me up scent, so some mornings I'll add a few drops of this to the water I'm about to wash my face with and I'll definitely be having a bath with this when I'm back from travelling from Amsterdam next week as a pick me up!

The best thing as well is that these are super affordable.. Prices range from £1.50-£4.45 for a 10ml bottle right up to £7.20-£24.85 for a huge 100ml bottle! I feel like I now have my own mini spa at home just by having a few bottles of essential oils, but just adding a few drops really can make a huge difference!

*I was sent this product for free in return for a review. I have not been paid for this post in anyway, all opinions remain my own and have not been influenced in anyway.