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Hi my name is Beka, and I'm a candle addict. No seriously, I have a little bit of a problem with how many candles I now own. It also really doesn't help when Primark have these really cute little jar candles next to the till for just £1.. What do you expect me to do?!

I've heard mixed things about Primark candles, in fact quite often I'm told to avoid them because despite them being scented the scents aren't carried and just disappear. So I completely picked this up on a whim and hello how cute is it in the jar?

If I'm honest I had very low expectations of this candles because I just couldn't shake all the little things that everyone kept telling about these. It also took me ages to get round to burning this, I really have an issue with not wanting to burns candles because they just look so pretty. The scent is definitely there, it's not the strongest scent and it doesn't hit you in the face like other candles might but it does very subtly fill a room. I was expecting pink grapefruit to be quite a bitter scent but it was actually quite sweet and one that was really nice for those warmer days. The candle also burns quite cleanly, I hate it when candles don't burn evenly and there is a lot of wastage but that didn't happen at all. I'll definitely be buying more Primark candles now!