Friday First | Perspirex Antiperspirant

So you might know that I'm a mental health nurse. This means that I work 12 hour shifts and I'm usually running around for a lot of those so let's be honest, half way through my shift and definitely by the end I am not feeling as fresh as I could. When I was given the chance to try this antiperspirant from Perspirex that claims to be able to last 3-5 days I couldn't miss this opportunity.

Perspirex have 3 different antiperspirants and I was sent the Comfort one to try out*. Comfort is the newest in the antiperspirant range and has been "formulated to provide effective sweat and odour protection while the comfort skin care system CPX ensures an extra good skin feel". Comfort is "free from perfume" and is perfect "for those who suffer from occasional excessive sweating" (

So how does Perspirex work? Perspirex is best applied to "skin that is completely dry" and not "damaged or irritated". Perspirex is best applied at night before you go to bed as this is when your "sweat glands are most inactive". In the morning "there is no need re-apply" and Perspirex's protection "will last even after showering". Just allow Perspirex to work it's magic and "apply it 2-3 nights per week, or as often as needed" (

An antiperspirant that gives 3-5 days protection, really? Surprisingly yes. Don't worry, I was just as skeptical myself and really wasn't sure how any antiperspirant could provide that level of protection. I wouldn't say it provides me with the 3-5 days protection that's claimed, but I can definitely get away with 2 days protection. In this weather it's very difficult to feel completely fresh during a 12 hour shift, especially when wearing a nurses uniform because they're not the easiest material to breathe in. However, the most unnatural part for me is the lack of scent because since the age of 8 or 9 I'm so used to wearing a deodorant that has a fragrance. You are able to use a scented deodorant as well as the Perspirex because it won't affect the effectiveness of the Perspirex at all.

Will I continue to use Perspirex Comfort? I think I will. In this weather I'm definitely loving feeling a little more fresh and protected. I will keep using it with a scented deodorant on top, purely because it's still completely unnatural to not wear something scented on a daily basis.
Would I purchase Perspirex Comfort? It retails for £8.49 which for me personally is a ridiculous amount to pay for an antiperspirant. If this works miracles for me and lasts me a while then I'd definitely consider it, but unfortunately I think I'm more likely to keep buying my regular spray on deodorant.
Would I recommend Perspirex Comfort? I think I would. If you're looking for a little extra protection or definitely wanted to feeling more protected during these really humid days that the UK seems to be having lately then this definitely helps with those feelings.
Overall score out of 5? A 3. I haven't seen anything fantastic and so far it hasn't really lived up to it's 3-5 day claim, but I'm going to keep going with it. I'm not giving up just yet!

Have you tried anything like Perspirex Comfort? Would you ever try a product like this? Is this something you think you'd try? Let me know!

*I was sent this product for free in return for a review. I have not been paid for this post in anyway, all opinions remain my own and have not been influenced in anyway.