Friday First | Lacura Caviar Illumination Day Cream

I'm so behind on skin care crazes.. Seriously, when did caviar become good for your skin? I know you're probably all shouting at me now like "Beka, caviar has always been great for your skin keep up!" I know, I'm sorry. So apparently this time last year the Lacura Caviar Illumination Day Cream was flying off shelves at Aldi and was a huge seller! When I heard that it was back this year for just £7.99 I had to pick it up and try it out for myself to see what the whole craze was about.

Lacura Caviar Illumination Day Cream claims to be "luxury anti ageing care for radiant and luminous skin" while also having "SPF 15". The Lacura Caviar Illumination Day Cream also claims to be "light enough to be worn under make-up" as well as being "light in texture and full of luxurious ingredients".

So is it everything it's cracked up to be? Yes and no. First of all for me this cream is super heavy and there is no way I'd be able to wear this under my makeup, so I actually use this at night purely because of it's thickness. Maybe I'm defeating the purpose of this cream, but there is no way I'd be able to wear this during the day. Amazingly just the other week when I was going through a period of having really dry, flaky skin on my nose I applied a really thick layer of this cream on to sink in overnight and it did the trick! Have I noticed my skin looking brighter? I wouldn't say my skin looks brighter, although it just looks less flat and firmer. That could be a complete coincidence but that's definitely what I've noticed with my skin. This cream is mainly aimed at 40+ skin, but unless you read the little instruction type booklet that comes with the cream you actually wouldn't know that.

On little tip that everyone should know if they're going to use this cream is that this shit will sting your eyes to high heavens. And I don't mean a little 'oh I got it in my eye' oh no I mean even if you go near your eye with this cream it will sting a ridiculous amount and water like no tomorrow. I've actually had to get out of bed and wipe my eyes and remove some of the cream around them just to get the stinging to stop. I don't apply this cream inside of my eye socket bone and that seems to have combatted the stinging sensation for now.

Will I continue to use the Lacura Caviar Illumination Day Cream? I've been struggling to find a decent night cream and this seems to be doing the trick for me right now! I'll definitely keep using it because it really helps when I'm having bad periods of dry skin and it is helping my face look less dull.
Would I repurchase the Lacura Caviar Illumination Day Cream? For the price of £6.99 you can't go wrong. It's a really good quality cream, incredibly thick and rich and a little really goes a long way. I think I would, however I know it's a seasonal product at Aldi, so if it's available when I come to need to repurchase it is the real question.
Would I recommend the Lacura Caviar Illumination Day Cream? I think I would. I'm interested to see if anyone is able to use this as a day cream. If you're looking for a rich, thick cream that helps with dry skin that won't break the bank, then this could definitely be the one for you.
Overall score out of 5? A 3. I have to use it as a night cream, and I can't say I've seen a huge difference in the brightness of my skin apart from it looking a little less dull. Also this cream really stings the shit out of my eyes which can be incredibly painful if I even go near my eyes with it..

Have you tried the Lacura Caviar Illumination Day Cream? Do you use anything with caviar in on your skin? Is this something you think you'd try? Let me know!