Friday First | The Body Shop Passion Fruit Body Butter

I never need to buy any body butter ever again, I have the biggest bag full of body butters that I need to get through and I swear I could start my own shop with how many I own. I put in an order from The Body Shop lately because I desperately needed my Camomile Cleansing Butter (I cannot live without that stuff now) and I finally picked up the British Rose Gel Body Scrub, however The Body Shop also included this body butter as a free gift.

When I saw that it was being included in my order as a free gift I was just expecting a tiny one, the size you usually find in the little gift sets. You can imagine surprise when I opened my order and saw that the free gift was a huge 200ml tub! As you can see the Passion Fruit Body Butter is solid consistency when it's in it's tub. I actually prefer this because I think it's going to end up lasting me longer because I use a little bit at a time. The Passion Fruit Body Butter "hydrates" skin with its "buttery texture" which "leaves skin feeling soft and smooth" (
With body butters I prefer a little to go a long way and so far this one is living up to this. Having a solid texture means that I can only really get a small amount out at a time however it instantly melts as soon as you start working it into the skin. When using this my legs feel incredibly smooth, soft and hydrated and this feeling lasts all day long. Also the smell of this is stunning, passion fruit is a scent that I personally love but I know it's a very personal scent. The scent lasts all day long too, but it isn't overwhelming or sickly.

Would I reuse the Passion Fruit Body Butter? At the minute this is the body butter that I reach for every single time I shave my legs. I know, I know I need to start moisturising on a daily basis. I love how my legs feel after using this and how long this feeling lasts for and the scent of this body butter.
Would I purchase the Passion Fruit Body Butter? I'm not sure, at the moment I don't need to buy any body butter for a lifetime. The 200ml tub of the body butter costs £14 from The Body Shop and when I finally get to that stage when I'm allowed and ever need to buy a body butter again this will be one that I go back to!
Would I recommend the Passion Fruit Body Butter? I would. If you like body butters that are a solid consistency that then melts easily into the skin then this is the body butter for you. The body butter lasts for ever, the feeling it leaves and the scent also last all day long which is what I'm wanting from a body butter!
Overall score out of 5? A 4. It melts easily and it's so easy to work into the skin without any effort, which I can imagine is deceiving from it's solid consistency. My legs feel silky smooth all day long which is great, but I can't get dressed straight away. If I want to get dressed in a rush then I need to give my legs a quick wipe down to take the top layer thats just sat on my skin.

Do you use the Passion Fruit Body Butter? Do you use any body butters from The Body Shop? Do you have any other body butters that you swear by? Let me know!