Beauty | Imperial Leather Marsh Mallow Shower Cream

So who doesn't want to walk around in life smelling like a marshmallow? I'm not even a fan of marshmallows.. Seriously unless they are melted in my hot chocolate marshmallows make me feel sick, but I love the smell of marshmallows.

So lately having anything smelling like sweets seems to be the latest trend; come on you know that every time you walk past the Carex hand wash that smells like strawberry laces you smell it every single time. So when I saw that Imperial Leather were doing a Sweets range I knew I'd have to get my hands on some and when I walked past this little beauty on offer for £1 it practically jumped into my basket there and then.

I'm usually a lover of Imperial Leather, but I was disappointed with this one. For me the scent wasn't really anything special, there was definitely a marshmallow scent but while it wasn't overwhelming it didn't really stand out either. I also found that this shower cream really didn't lather up which is something I really look for in a shower cream. Overall, I'm slightly disappointed but I definitely want to pick up the other scents to give them all a go!