Life | Goodbye June

Dear June,

First let me apologise for not writing last month; I started work again and life was a little bit hectic.

So what did you bring to me this month June? Well, you were first full month of being back in full time work since being off ill since December, and let me tell you even though I'm now super busy again I'm absolutely loving my job. I'm now back to the stage where I just want to tell everyone just how important dementia is and start raising awareness all over again.

I've finally got my tattoos sorted out, one of which I've been waiting for over a year to get sorted. In fact I'm having them done two hours after this letter to you goes out.. I'm getting two Harry Potter tattoos so I'm definitely going to be a Potterhead for life now, keep your eyes peeled for some pictures!

Health wise you've been a lot quieter, I've only had two appointment lasts month and I've still got some more investigations to get through. That's literally all I have on my health issues this month.

It's a short but sweet letter this month June, but I'm off on holiday on Saturday so I'm starting July on a good note. A short note June, please sort the weather out for me!

Beka. xo