Friday First | Percy & Reed

I'm not even ashamed to admit that I only really buy Elle when there is a sample that I really want to try. That sounded worse than it should have, I love Elle I really do but I can't say that it's on the top of my list each month unless I know there's a sample that I really, really want. I do hold an interest in fashion, but not enough to buy a fashion magazine on a monthly basis.

With June's edition of Elle Magazine there was a very generous 75ml sample of Percy & Reed's Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery. The Wonder Overnight Recovery has been designed to help combat the dreaded "hair hangover" where hair can feel "dull, limp, lacklustre" that "looks and feels frazzled". The Wonder Overnight Recovery is a "leave-in treatment" that you use overnight as it "absorbs instantly into dry hair" while "helping to nourish, rehydrate and even repair damage" (

I've never been so scared and dubious of a product. I've heard of Percy & Reed before but I've never had a chance to use anything from them so I was really excited to use this. The idea of having to apply this to dry hair and leaving it in my hair overnight terrified me, I'm very reluctant to apply anything to my hair when it's dry because who wants to be left with greasy looking hair? I started by applying this to the ends of my hair and slowly working it through my hair and working my way up. I just went for it when applying for my roots and I really worked it in. At first you could tell I had it in my hair, but after a few minutes it sunk into my hair and completely disappeared!

Another little thing that terrified me with this product was that in the morning when you washed your hair after using this you didn't need to use conditioner! I have really long hair, so the thought of not using conditioner when washing it is something that just isn't an option. In terms of a true review you need to test everything out, so I washed my hair and skipped my beloved conditioner.. My hair survived and it actually felt incredible. When doing my hair I can definitely say that it had more body, looked healthier and there was definitely a lot less frizz going on that.

Will I continue to use the Percy & Reed's Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery? Definitely. The only downside to this product is the fact that I have to wash it out the morning after. Working 12 hour shifts, I always wash my hair the night before because I'm already up early and I don't quite fancy the idea of getting up even earlier to do my hair. I'll definitely be using this on those days I have an event, I'm going somewhere or I just want to feel good about myself in general.
Would I purchase the Percy & Reed's Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery? It retails at £20 for a 150ml tube which I know some people would find a little bit steep to pay for a hair product, for a product that actually does what it claims to do I'd be happy to pay that price. Also, can we please talk about the packaging. 
Would I recommend the Percy & Reed's Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery? Definitely. I feel like I've stumbled upon the perfect product for the lazy girl like me. A hair product that's going to work overnight to make my hair look better with me having to do nothing but wash it? Send it in my direction!
Overall score out of 5? A 4. I only wish that I didn't have to wash it out the next day because I'd be using this on a daily basis. I'm amazed by how well this actually works and it really makes my hair look incredible.

Did you pick up Percy & Reed's Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery? Have you tried anything by Percy & Reed before? Is this something you think you'd try? Let me know!