Friday First | The Body Shop British Rose Gel Body Scrub

Is there anything more exciting than finally being able to try out a product that you've been wanting to try out for what feels like forever? As soon as The Body Shop came out with their British Rose range I knew it was going to be a range that I lusted over, and I've purposely avoided picking up some pieces from the range because I knew I'd end up buying everything and spending a small fortune. However, I had two vouchers to use in The Body Shop so as well as picking up one of my staples I finally treated myself to something from the British Rose range.

The British Rose Gel Body Scrub contains "real rose petals" and is "infused with the essence of roses". With this British Rose body scrub being a gel formula instead of a traditional body scrub texture it "effortlessly melts onto the skin" (

When it comes to body scrubs I'm very picky, I prefer body scrubs on the drier side which almost feel like sandpaper. I've tried a body scrub from The Body Shop before and it wasn't my favourite, only because the consistency was too wet for me and it melted onto my skin too quickly before I could get the effects from the scrub aspect. With this body scrub having a gel texture I love how it feels on the skin. The gel is so quick to melt into my skin but it also has a cooling affect, and with the weather getting sooner it's an absolute god send. The parts of rose petals melt into the skin as well but they also act as an extra scrub along with the scrub. Once the gel has melted into the skin the beads are a great scrub and really give my skin a great exfoliate. After using this my legs feel like they've been totally pampered and feel completely refreshed. Not just because they've had a good scrub but they feel nourished and super soft. Also the smell of this is just beautiful, the rose scent isn't too overpowering but it's just enough. Although it doesn't linger on the skin for very long it does make my bathroom smell wonderful after my shower!

Would I reuse the British Rose Gel Body Scrub? I'm currently using this every single time I shave my legs because I love how it leaves my skin feeling after. Now the weather is getting warmer I'll definitely be using this as my all over body scrub.
Would I repurchase the British Rose Gel Body Scrub? I think I will, it's £15 for a 250ml tub but a little goes a long way because of the beads being really great and actually acting as an exfoliant before melting away. I love how it smells and feels as well so for me £15 is a great price for a great product.
Would I recommend the British Rose Gel Body Scrub? I would. Like I've said, I'm very picky when it comes to body scrubs because I'm always looking for one that has the exfoliant part that actually feels like a scrub before it just melts away. The gel part of the scrub is really soothing and just feels great on the skin so if you're the kind of person who likes a body scrub that is a little bit softer on the skin while still acting a great exfoliant then this could be the scrub to you!
Overall score out of 5? A 4. It isn't as totally dry as I'd like a body scrub to be but it does work fantastically well and like I keep saying, I love how it leaves my skin feeling. At the minute I've only tested it out on how well it works on my legs, but the real test will be how it works on the rest of my body and how long it lasts me then.

Do you use the British Rose Gel Body Scrub? Have you tried anything else from the British Rose range from The Body Shop? Let me know!