Beauty | Primark Traceless Bobbles

Remember the other week when I was talking about my new Tangle Teezer and I mentioned how my hair had actually broke off where it had become so knotted. Since then I've been looking for anyway possible to reduce the damage I'm causing to my hair.

Traceless hair bobbles, or the Invisibobble, are the latest range. What can only be described as an old school telephone wire these bobbles are designed to be traceless and kinder to your hair. Honestly I was never really convinced, I just couldn't work out how using these kind of bobbles would help your hair and be kinder to your hair so I just never thought about picking any up. Although I changed my mind a few months ago, before I discovered the damage to my hair, because I've seen nothing but fantastic reviews from fellow bloggers so I decided it was time to pick some up and try them for myself. With my luck though every time I step foot in any Boots they were always out of stock, but then I spotted Primark had their own version!

For £1.50 for a pack of 5 I'd have been stupid to not pick these up, and if they weren't any good then I hadn't really lost out on anything. These are the strangest thing to put in your hair, I didn't really know what to expect but it took me a couple of times of putting these in my hair to find the way to put them in. I wasn't expecting them to hold my hair that well because my hair is long but also really thick so there is a lot of it, but they actually feel very secure in my hair and I don't feel like my ponytail is slipping down my head throughout the day. I've realised these work by distributing the pressure around your hair a lot more evenly and they aren't tight all in one area so your hair isn't pulled. I wouldn't say they're completely traceless though, when I took my hair out there was still a very slight kink in my hair.. But I'd definitely be happy going out with my hair like that because it wasn't as noticeable as a typical hair bobble would leave in your hair. Also, these are a great way to add some volume into a ponytail!

As you can imagine they lose their shape really quickly and stretch out, but it doesn't stop them doing what they do, I can still tie my hair up with these easily. I just need to remember to start reaching for these on the days where I'm at work and have my hair up for 12 hours...