Beauty | Battle of the Mascaras

I really enjoyed writing my battle of the blushes post, so I thought I'd look at two new mascaras I've been trying and see how they match up against my holy grail!

Heroine Make Volume & Curl
This is the first mascara I've been trying for a while. You might remember seeing this in the post where I spoke about what my cousin bought me back when he went to Japan. I've been wanting to try some Japanese makeup for a while as I've heard incredible things about it, and I was never expecting my cousin to bring me anything back from Japan let alone a mascara so that's pretty cool!

Lets start with the brush. For me, it's like nothing I've ever seen before but then I'm pretty sure it has to be similar to something out there, but nothing I've ever used. Half of the brush is pretty straight and thin with the other half being very round. It took me a while to get used to the shape, but once I'd played around with it for a while the brush was actually quite easy to use. The formula is what I like to call 50/50, it's not an overly wet mascara but it isn't totally dry. It's very easy to work with and easy enough to build, I'd recommend waiting about 30 seconds to a minute before applying a second layer. Using the trusty wiggle brush trick it's easy enough to avoid the spider, clumped lash look and fan your lashes out.

One thing I do need to tell you about with this waterproof is that when the Japanese tell you that there mascara is waterproof, they are not fucking around. I applied this is the morning and thought nothing of it until I went to remove my makeup as normal before I got in to bed. I was kind of having a lazy night and just went to remove this with my micellar water, it did not budge at all. All that came off with my micellar water was the foundation and powder around my eyes but no trace of the mascara. I genuinely had to melt this off with my Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter, and by melt I mean I had to warm it between my hands and hold this over my eyes for a minute or two before gently working it into my lashes. I have genuinely never been so scared when unable to remove makeup.

Soap and Glory Thick & Fast HD
Another brand I'd been thinking about trying makeup from was Soap and Glory, and I was thrilled when I saw that this was included in The Whole She Bang, which I picked up on boxing day. I can't even begin to describe the brush shape, however Soap and Glory describe it as a 'V-groove' brush. I couldn't get it to photograph at all but one side of the brush is flatter, compared to the other side of the brush which is incredibly round and full and you can see that's where the volume comes from. The mascara also features 'collagen pre-peptides' and 'long-stretch polymers'  that you can see pictured above, which attach to your lashes to make them appear fuller and thicker.

I really struggled with the mascara. For me personally the formula is far too wet and it just instantly causes my lashes to clump together and I end up looking like I just have 3 insane spider lashes. I love how black this mascara is, which sounds a little bit strange but although some mascaras are 'black' they're just not black enough. This mascara is jet black. It comes off incredibly easy, both with micellar water, eye makeup remover and a facial cleanser. I'm not going to write this mascara off completely, a plan that I have is to wait until I use up the mascara I'm currently using before washing that brush and applying it with a brush I know works well for me.

Natural Collection Water Guard
This is my absolute holy grail when it comes to mascara. It is definitely the cheapest mascara you could ever pick up, and I think I actually picked it up when I was stuck in a mascara rut and nothing was working out for me and ever since I have been in love with this mascara.

As you can see the brush is very flat and is the same width, so it might not be the best for people who look for volume but I absolutely love this mascara. It's a drier formula compared to a lot of mascaras meaning that it is incredibly easy to build, but you do have to work with it quickly to avoid clumping. It fans my lashes out wonderfully and never gives me the spider lash effect. As much as I love this mascara my only complaint about it is that one day it can be perfectly fine, but the next I can tell that it seems to be a lot drier and a little harder to work with.

So did the other two convince me enough to swap from my holy grail? Out of the two I've tried I'd say that the Heroine Make definitely made me think about it, as much as it scared me half to death I kind of loved how difficult it was to remove because lets be honest, that definitely isn't budging at all during the day. Heroine Make is a little bit harder to get my hands on, I'd have to buy it online and it's not exactly cheap. For me Thick & Fast was far too wet for me to work with and it just made my lashes clump together, beyond the point of working with them to make them look half decent. But I'll definitely see if I can make it work with a mascara brush I know works with my lashes. So I'll definitely keep using my holy grail Natural Collection, but if anyone I know ever goes back to Japan I'll be begging them to bring me a few tubes of Heroine Make back with them.

Update: Pay attention to what colour mascara you pick up kids, because brown/black mascara just doesn't compare to wearing black mascara. What I'm currently doing is using my holy grail natural collection in the brown/black to coat my lashes and get them into the style I like them to be, and then I'm currently going in with the Soap and Glory Thick and Fast with an old natural collection brush to re-coat my lashes and to make them black, also I've found this allows the fibres in the Thick and Fast to actually work and my lashes are currently looking incredible if I do say so myself.