Travel Thursday | Cape Town Edition Week 2

Last week everyone seemed to love Ryan's little blog about his first week over in South Africa, so here is his second week! I'm seriously considering asking him to write for my blog more often...

Cape Town - Week 2
Another week has flown by, and my skin tone is turning a healthy pink because I don’t tan being the fair skinned ginger nut that I am. The weather here has certainly been good to us, and somehow this is winter in SA.
Again Monday - Friday is boring office work, followed by retiring to the hotel for a whole lot of food, drinks and sleep. Only one more week to go - however this week I was asked to work Saturday which had only a very small impact on plans.
I was introduced to what the guys here call a ‘Braai’ which seems to be their version of a barbecue. Only they kind of do it better since it heavily revolves around meat and beer - which is what I’m into luckily. Oh and I mean GOOD meat. Since we all came in on a Saturday for half a day we decided to throw one at lunch as a treat; needless to say it was very good. Plenty of Boerewors was eaten.
Since I also got my rental car on Tuesday I finally went for a long drive and saw plenty of places this weekend. I ended up with a Hyundai i10 which isn’t what I would have personally picked (my company rented it for me) but it’s a rental car so who cares. It’s plenty of fun in the tight corners!
First I re-visited Camps Bay and walked up and down the bay. If you’re wondering, yes it’s still beautiful. I think I might have to keep checking, just in case. There’s a place called The Bay Hotel and it’s calling my name.
I then took a drive towards Hout Bay, but took a detour and came across a road called Chapmans Peak which I heard one of the guys at work speak of. I’m really glad I heard about it. The road is amazing, and I’ve never driven anything like it. The twists and turns, complimented by the amazing scenery was everything I wanted. If you love driving, love the coast, or love amazing views you need to drive Chapmans Peak. Maybe get something more fun than an i10 though. A hot hatch is definitely needed.
After driving Chapmans Peak and stopping plenty of times for some pictures, I stopped at Simons Town, specifically Boulders Bay. This is possibly the most well known location to see penguins in South Africa. Obviously I spent a bit of time here and chased a few around. They wouldn’t come sit with me no matter how hard I tried to befriend them.
Sunday was looking a bit boring initially as I spent it on my own, but I managed to find my way to Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, which isn’t usually something I’d want to do, but since it was a Sunday by myself I thought it would be great to go for a walk. The place is beautiful with some great sights to see overlooking Cape Town. What I didn’t count on was accidentally following a trail for a bit too long, and ending up half way up Table Mountain on my own. Not something you want to attempt alone, wearing a t-shirt, jeans and hi-top trainers.
Late Sunday afternoon I took a drive to Clifton Fourth Beach, which is about half an hour away. There’s four beaches in Clifton, and Fourth is apparently the most glamorous. Not seeing the other three, I might not be able to say for certain but I can see why. The beach is small, tucked away down some stairs, and nestled between rocks. It’s the most relaxing and chilled-out beach I’ve ever been to. Again, I wasn’t exactly wearing the proper attire so I looked a little out of place and couldn’t venture on to the beach, but it was a great place to sit and watch the world go by. I’ll definitely be returning here next week after work.
Week 3 looks tight. I fly out of here on Saturday, and I’m trying to cram everything in. Hopefully I can get through most of it!
Thanks for another great week Cape Town.