Life | Primark Haul Spring 2016

Primark is definitely one of my happy places on earth, whenever I'm in town I can't resist popping into Primark to see what they've got in. This used to always result in me buying something, but I haven't had a proper Primark shop since December except from buying a new bra to go with my graduation dress and some much needed new socks.. Essentials right? There wasn't anything in over Autumn and Winter that really caught my eye, so it's been a long overdue shopping trip to reconnect us.

Let's start with what first caught my eye when I walked in. Primark at the minute have a huge selection of t-shirts with prints on, not all are for me but as soon as I spotted these two Harry Potter t-shirts I knew that they were coming home with me. I first spotted the Dobby one and I couldn't resist, Dobby was one of my favourite characters in the book. I then spotted my favourite quote ever, it's a quote I live my life by.. So why not wear it on a t-shirt? I've been wanting a new pair of the PJ bottoms from Primark because they're so incredibly comfortable. I always go for the cuffed bottomed ones and when I saw the Harry Potter printed ones, well again I can't be held responsible for these things. I also found the cutest little pair of Harry Potter shorts and they just kind of fell into my basket. You can never go wrong with a pair of material shorts, I'll probably wear these for bed when it gets warmer, round the house and maybe I'd throw these on while on holiday.

Unpopular opinion, but Primark jeans are my favourite so of course I had to grab a pair. I find they fit me well, they last me forever and they're so comfortable. Typically, I need to go back and grab another couple of pairs in a lighter colour now that the weather is getting warmer so that my legs don't melt. I spotted this shirt and just thought how comfortable it looked for all year round and I loved the denim blue stripes.. It also looked really similar to a shirt I'd seen Katy wearing on her Snapchat. The sleeveless blue shirt with the white striped bottom was a real impulse buy, I saw it on the mannequin and my Mum commented on how it would be something that I'd wear so that fell in my basket ready for Summer.

This sleeveless long styled blazer type jacket was another impulse buy. Again, I saw it on the mannequin and I knew it would be something I'd definitely get a lot of wear out this Summer. The colours are actually a little different to what I'd normally go for, but I'm going to enjoy styling this up. This dress I instantly fell in love with as soon as I saw it in it's packaging hanging on a rail waiting to be put out, but then my Mum spotted it hiding among all the other dresses on the back wall. I'm a sucker for anything with a butterfly print and I instantly knew that this is a dress I will get a lot of wear out of!

I did that typical thing when I was in Primark and had the thought of "oh I'm running low on underwear!" so I picked up three packs of three pairs of lace underwear. Seriously, these are some of my favourite pairs of underwear ever. I've had some of these before and the lace is so soft and comfortable.. But yes there is now a picture of my underwear on the internet for everyone to see. As well as a Harry Potter addiction, I also have a slight Disney obsession so as soon as I saw this makeup bag I knew it would be something I'd put to use somehow. I planned on using this as my new makeup bag, but it's so big so instead it's what I'm using to keep all my skincare in. I grabbed another pom pom.. I have a black one on my handbag and there so cute, call me a basic white girl if you will but this white one is now sitting on my keys. While in the queue to pay I grabbed a Montagne Jeunesse face mask because I always grab one when I'm in Primark for 90p and then while I was paying I saw this cute little candle sitting next to me for only £1, so that also fell into my basket.

I also picked up a couple of sheets for my bed because they're cheap from Primark and keep my bed really cool, which I'm sure is going to be a godsend if it keeps getting warmer! So that's everything I picked up from Primark, I don't think I'll need to go again for a lifetime or at least until the entire new range comes in.. And I'm sure I'll be back in straight away.