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I never really talk about the furbabies on the blog a lot, you may have seen the odd photo of Bailey on here and my Instagram, and you might have seen the odd cat lurking it the background but I don't give them they attention they deserve.

I was contacted by Amy from wondering if I wanted to work with them and receive some goodies for the furbabies!* With a nine month old puppy, two mature cats and three guinea pigs how could I turn her down and neglect them getting a little bit of attention and feeling a little bit famous! As you can see I was sent three different treats, one for each of the furbabies to try and see how they got on with.

The first thing to fall out of the bag of goodies was this pack of Dreamies for our two cats. Our cats can be quite fussy when it comes to trying new foods, so when I saw the Dreamies I knew instantly that we were safe as our cats love these as a treat. These are currently priced at 99p on and they have a great range of flavours if you're looking to stock up on some yourself!

For Bailey we were sent this huge bag of Huntland Grain Free Puppy Food. Ever since we bought Bailey home we've had him on a grain free diet, so I thought it was really sweet of Amy to make sure that she sent us some goodies for Bailey that stuck to this as it can really be a pain swapping up their diet again and again. The Huntland puppy food is a bag full of small biscuits; we feed Bailey on a mixture of meat with biscuits mixed in for texture. With Bailey being tiny I knew that this food was going to be the perfect size for him to eat and not struggle with. I'm going to take it that Bailey is enjoying this as he is still eating his food as quickly as possible and hasn't gone off his food since trying this. The 2kg bag that we were sent is currently £11.95 on which for us with a tiny dog like Bailey is going to last us a lifetime and I think is a fair price.

A lot of people don't realise that we also have guinea pigs, you might see our cats or Bailey lurking in the back of photos or my Snapchats, but you'll very rarely see our guinea pigs. We don't have our guinea pigs on any specific diet, apart from they are incredibly spoilt and get fresh veg every day for their breakfast and dinner so I had no idea what to expect from Amy for them. We received this bag of chamomile herbage, which we were quite excited about. We give our guinea pigs hay every time we clean them out so this was definitely going to be something fun for them. I can honestly say that our guinea pigs love this and as soon as we've put it in their bowls, it's gone. The guinea pigs were also the only ones I could get pictures of munching on their goodies because they actually take their time! The chamomile herbage is £3.34 for a 500g bag.

For me the idea of something like is great. Honestly, it isn't something that I'd have thought of before as I'm not a person who does food shopping online, in fact unless it's eBay or Amazon I rarely buy things online. I can definitely see the attraction for people. Just having a browse on myself I can see just how many different goodies there are out their for pets, and for people who love their furbabies I know just how much people are willing to research and spend trying different things for them. As well as furbabies also caters for birds, fish and reptiles, just incase you ever need any new supplies! There is free delivery on orders over £19.99 which I can definitely see people reaching incredibly easy because I know just how much people are willing to spend on their pets.

Although we have to buy our cat food from our local supermarket as it's what suits them best after years of trying, and we rarely have to buy food for Bailey because he's so tiny that a big bag lasts us forever. is definitely going to become somewhere that we'll definitely look on when we're next looking for something new or wanting to compare prices next time we have a shop for the furbabies!

*I was sent these products for free in return for a review. All opinions are my own, honest and have not been influenced in any way. I have not been paid for this post.