Life | OK Bouquet

For me Spring and Summer is the perfect time for fresh flowers, and although I love fresh flowers all year round there is just something about having fresh flowers in Spring that is just perfect. When I was offered the chance to work with OK Bouquet to review a bouquet of flowers from them I couldn't refuse*.

I opted to receive the most beautiful bunch of lilies because I've always loved lilies, my Mum had lilies in her wedding bouquet and I have a lily tattooed on me. I chose the White 'Universe' Lily Bouquet and nothing could have prepared me for what I received. If you have me on Snapchat then you'll have seen exactly what I received and how amazed I was. I knew I was expecting a bunch of flowers but I wasn't expecting a box nearly half the size of me to turn up, I really wish I'd stood next the bouquet once I'd taken them out of the box so you could really appreciate the size of them. They arrived packaged really, really well so just know that if you ever buy from this company then your flowers will arrive in perfect condition. As you can see all of the flowers were buds and were yet to open, but they started to open over the next few days and our house smelt amazing. I love that OK Bouquet send a little care card with the flowers, which I appreciate it may be common sense when it comes to flowers but there were some really good tips that even I hadn't thought of when it comes to bouquets of flowers. After looking online I realise that I was sent the deluxe bouquet which retails for £35 which I would be more than happy to pay for. These beautiful flowers lasted for a full two weeks before the flowers started to drop off. When this started to happen we threw them out because lilies stain and we also have cats and a very nosey little dog who is currently exploring everything with his mouth.. So we weren't taking the chance.

I'm all about supporting local businesses, and I love local florists. Although I can see the benefit of buying flowers online, only last week did Ryan surprise me with a bunch of flowers and he's all the way over in South Africa.. I think flowers make a beautiful gift and I love the idea that being able to to surprise someone with the most beautiful bunch of flowers can just completely make someones day whether it's for an occasion or just because. So if you're ever thinking about buying the biggest and most beautiful bunch of flowers that you'll probably ever see in your life, as a gift or just to brighten your house then OK Bouquet are ones that you should seriously consider.

*I was sent this product for free in return for a review. I have not been paid for this post in anyway, all opinions remain my own and have not been influenced in anyway.