Friday First | SBC Rose & Argan Oil Skincare Gel

Finally I have started to care about my skin properly and I'm starting to look at investing in some proper skincare. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love some of the bits you can pick up from Boots and Superdrug, you all know how much I love my Superdrug skincare and my must have bits from Boots! However, I'm excited to have the chance to try some higher end skincare bits.

If you have me on Snapchat then you might have seen a few weeks ago that I received this beautiful Rose & Argan Oil Skincare Gel from SBC, Simply Beautiful Collection*. As I've said many times I'm always amazed, and extremely grateful when brands send me full sized products. I was able to pick out a product to try and I just had to go for the Rose & Argan Oil Skincare Gel because it's definitely something I know would catch my eye if I saw this on a shelf in store.

SBC's Rose & Argan Oil Skincare Gel is a "fusion of Rose Essential Oils, Argan Oil, Chamomile and Passion Flower to condition, calm and soothe" which provides "an immediate feeling of comfort, relief and coolness". The Rose & Argan Oil Skincare Gel is designed to "ensure a softer, smoother, firmer" and a "more toned looking complexion". As well as being "formulated to condition, calm and soothe" skin the Rose & Argan Oil Skincare Gel "helps reduce redness..." and "will ensure a softer, smoother, firmer, more toned looking complexion" (

So have I seen any of these claims? I've been using the skincare gel for just almost three weeks now and I have seen quite a few of the claims. The thing I have noticed most since using the skincare gel is that my skin is a lot calmer and the redness has been reduced. As I've got older my skin has changed slightly, I still struggle with oily skin and believe me I still get spots. Just instead of coming to head and getting as many, I now get really deep angry ones that are so painful and so red. Since using the skincare gel I have definitely noticed that when I have one of those face demons they're not as red and they're a lot easier to work with when it comes to applying my makeup.

SBC recommend that you use this skincare gel both morning and night as a moisturiser.. I use it a little differently. I don't use it in the morning because I prefer to use my Superdrug skincare to get me through the day. But I do use this at night, because feels so nice applying this as I'm about to get into bed. This gel stays cold and it feels so soothing as soon as it touches my skin. It simply melts into my skin and disappears almost instantly. I apply this after I've applied a treatment gel from Boots and I still wear a moisturiser over the top of it.

Will I continue to use SBC's Rose & Argan Oil Skincare Gel? Definitely. I have such a lot of product to get through, because SBC were so generous and sent me such a huge bottle of product, but also because one pump of this is more than enough for my face and I'm able to really make sure I can work this into my skin. I'm enjoying the benefits that I have seen from using this gel so it's definitely one I'll keep using.
Would I purchase SBC's Rose & Argan Oil Skincare Gel? There is a good chance that I would. Of course I'm going to look for a product that is easier for me to get my hands on rather than having to buy my skincare bits online. However, I have the 250ml bottle which retails for £19 online from SBC... For how long this gel is probably going to last me I'd be really happy to pay that price.
Would I recommend SBC's Rose & Argan Oil Skincare Gel? I would. If you're looking for something new to add to your skincare routine that will be soothing, cool and gentle on your skin then this could be it. SBC also have a huge range of all types of skincare so I think there will be something out there for everyone.
Overall score out of 5? A 4. I'm using this every single night before bed currently and the benefits I've seen are great. My only issue is that I'd have to buy this only and it isn't easier for me to get my hands on, but then I'm also saying that without doing any proper research into if I'd be able to pick this up anywhere else.

Are SBC a brand that you've heard of? Would you try anything from SBC? Do you have any products that are similar to the Rose & Argan Oil Skincare Gel that I've tried? Let me know!

*I was sent this product for free in return for a review. I have not been paid for this post in anyway, all opinions remain my own and have not been influenced in anyway.