Friday First | Dr. Organic Snail Gel

I feel like all I seem to be trying lately is skincare, but is there anything better than finally getting your hands on a sample of a product that you've been wanting to try since it came out? When Dr Organic dropped their Snail Gel, which seems like a lifetime ago now, I knew it was something that I wanted to try. Let's be honest, I think when it comes to this product everybody wants to know if it really feels as slimy on the skin as it looks when you see a snail..

The Dr Ogranic Snail Gel claims to "smoothens, soothes, and softens skin" and also be "effective in softening wrinkles". Holland & Barrett do recommend that the snail gel is used "in conjunction with a moisturiser after the gel as been absorbed" (

So what did I think? I've honestly never been so disappointed in a product so quickly. For skincare it was quite a generous sample, so I had enough to really try the snail gel out and this sample lasted me from the Monday to Saturday and I was using it daily. For me personally a pea sized amount of product is usually more than enough to apply to my face, but with the snail gel I needed so much of this I felt like I was wasting it. On the first day of using this I went in with a pea sized amount of gel and I felt like I was just rubbing dry skin.

If there is one benefit of this snail gel is that it absorbs into your skin so incredibly quickly, you really need to work quick with this. I really could not get on with this gel. Instead of making my skin feel softer, smoother and feel soothed it just made my skin feel tight and dry. The snail gel does tell you to use this with your moisturiser, but I had to go in with my serum before my moisturiser just to add some hydration back in to my skin.

I really hate writing reviews of a product that hasn't worked out for me because I feel like I'm just slagging it off, but I haven't seen any of the claims from this product and I really don't think my skin agreed with me using this product either.

Would I reuse the Dr. Organic Snail Gel? Not at all. I've honestly never been so glad to finish a sample of something. I only kept using this product to see if any of the claims were noticeable. I really hated how this felt on and made my skin feel.
Would I purchase the Dr. Organic Snail Gel? Honestly, you couldn't pay me enough to buy this myself. This snail gel retails for £20.99, but it's currently on sale for £10.28 but I couldn't justify either of those prices.
Would I recommend the Dr. Organic Snail Gel? Not at all, not to anyone. Ever since this product came out I've always only seen great reviews of this product and I just don't get it. I hate writing reviews like this, but for me it made my skin feel dry and tight and that's not what I'm wanting for my skin at all. As you know I have oil skin and it doesn't dry out easily, so I have no idea how this would work for someone with dry or normal skin.
Overall score out of 5? A 1. Maybe I'm being generous, maybe I'm being harsh but the only good thing I found from this snail gel was how quickly it absorbed into my skin. It absorbed and dried so quickly I would have been happy going straight in with my makeup after if my skin felt hydrated. How it left my skin feeling just wasn't worth it and I haven't seen any of the claims that the snail gel is meant to do for you skin.

Do you use the Dr. Organic Snail Gel? Is it a product that you like and make work for you? Please let me know if I was doing something wrong with this product!