Beauty | Head Jog the Perfect Tangle Teezer Dupe?

I've been wanting to try a Tangle Teezer for as long as I can remember. I mean a brush that is meant to make brushing my wet hair a lot easier and tackling those insane knots without struggling at all, where do I sign up? Despite always wanting one I could never quite justify the £12 price tag. Call me tight, stubborn, whatever you want, I was a student when I decided I really wanted one and I didn't really have £12 to just throw at a hairbrush and they also aren't the easiest things to buy.. I'm terrible at remembering to buy things online, okay?

My hair is quite long so it can become an absolutely nightmare. Lately I've been really struggling to get a comb through it when it's wet and the back can only be described as something that genuinely resembles a birds nest. I'm not kidding when I say my hair gets knotty, when cutting my hair the other day my Mum realised that my hair has actually broke off from where it's been such a birds nest I've just pulled at my hair and I've obviously done a hell of a lot of damage.

I've been talking to my Mum about what I can do to stop my hair doing this, she's a hairdresser so she's got all the tricks.. She told me that they'd recently got a Tangler Teezer dupe at work that worked a treat for people with really long hair or kids who had really knotty hair, so of course I instantly told her to order me one no matter what.

Because I ordered mine from a hairdresser wholesaler my Head Jog only cost me £4.99, however you can get your own from Beauty Bay for £6.50. You can see that the top of the Head Job Mane Tamer is a very similar shape to the Tangle Teezer, but the Head Jog has a long thing handle that comes down. This makes the Head Jog really comfortable to hold and the long handle allows me to hold it in different positions.

This has made brushing my hair an absolute dream. When I get out of the shower know I can brush my hair through within seconds, yes it still gets knotted and tangled but I can work through them a lot easier and it's a lot less painful. All the knots and tangles finally being brushed through properly means that my hair dries a lot quicker! It's easier to style, my hair feels smoother when it's dry too and it feels a lot less frizzy.. I have no idea if that's a coincidence or not though. I've never been one to carry a brush round with me and brush my hair through the day, although I'd be quite happy to pop this in my bag and go because it just makes life so much easier!

So have I found the perfect Tangle Teezer dupe? Well I can't say for certain because I've never tried a proper one, however for me this does everything that the Tangle Teezer claims to be able to do and it's a lot more budget friendly if you just can't quite justify the Tangle Teezer Price.