Life | Goodbye April

Dear April,

I think that you've actually been my best month of 2016 yet, so that's pretty incredible.. Thank you for that.

Lets start with the best thing that happened to me this month. I got a new job! Okay so let me briefly explain, I never expected to be changing my job so quickly and this time 4/5 months ago it definitely wasn't something that had even crossed my mind. However, with all my health issues that are going on I've been assessed as not being fit to do my current job, which broke my heart because I think you all know how much I love my job and what I do. But, every cloud has a silver lining and I got myself a new job! I'm now going to be working in a dementia specialised nursing home as a mental health nurse. I genuinely can't wait! I've always loved working with the elderly and dementia really is one of my passions in live. So thank you for that April, you gave me the light and the end of this tunnel that I've been in since December.

You were still full of healthcare appointments, and annoyingly I've just come to accept that this is something that I'm going to have for the rest of my life. But the appointment I went to on Wednesday was really helpful and I've been told I definitely need physiotherapy to help with what's going on with my head.. Maybe I'll write a full post about my vestibular condition, how it's affecting me and what it does. I think I've finally accepted that this is something I have, but I can live with it and now I'll have physio to help me live with it a little bit more.

I got to have a really nice catch up with one of my best friends, which I always enjoy regardless. I've made some of the best friends through blogging this month; I got to meet two at a blogger event and we also have a little Whatsapp group chat going on and now I know we need to kick our arses into gear and get something organised to meet up!

So this has probably been the happiest letter I've written so far this year. I still feel like you've been an incredibly slow month April, but things are picking up! Now, if you could just sort out the weather please.. It's almost May and I'm a little bit bored of snow, hail and rain.. Plus it's Slam Dunk this time next month and I don't want to be stood in the middle of Leeds under and umbrella freezing cold.

Beka. xo