Life | All Bar One VIP Night

You may have seen me on Twitter over the past week frantically searching for anyone else who'd been invited to the VIP All Bar One event that was taking place on Thursday 14th April, to showcase the new bar look and their new menu launch. I felt incredibly lucky to be invited to something like this because it was my very first blog event and I just felt completely honoured to be invited!

Unfortunately, despite being in Leeds and in Millennium Square quite a lot I've never actually been to All Bar One before, so I can't comment on the new look of the bar. But I can say that inside was beautiful, I loved the decor and it's definitely my kind of bar that I'd go to for drinks with friends and a catch up. Upon arrival we were given a free drink, let's be honest a free bottle of Peroni and Prosecco is always a total bonus. We were also given a poker chip each which allowed us to have a free cocktail making masterclass!

So I have never made cocktails before, but it's totally my thing. I have no idea what cocktail we made but everything that was going into the cocktail shaker was everything that I loved. I really wish I knew what cocktail we made, but it tasted incredible. Just imagine refresher sweets mixed with raspberries.. It was dangerously good and we all said how we could just have drank those all night long.

Ryan then decided it would only be right to go and buy a cocktail that All Bar One offer so of course he had to buy a Disaronno Sours.. I can't say that I expected anything less from him, it's one of his favourite drinks.

Unfortunately I couldn't get any pictures of the food because they were being served in the form of canapés and by the time the waiters and waitresses had bought them round to your table, they'd already moved on. However the food we did get to taste was lovely, I just only wish that we'd had more so that I could do a full food review.

The best part of the night by a mile was meeting Becky and Tina, I will leave all of their links down at the bottom of this post so you can go stalk them and fall in love with both them and their blogs! We had all decided on Twitter that we were going to stick together because we didn't know anyone else who was going, and we didn't want to be the awkward loners in the corner not knowing anyone. We all clicked straight away, it was a great night of laughing, girly gossip and getting to know each other. My favourite part of the night was how we all spoke about our blogs for like 5 minutes before we completely moved on to talking about literally anything you could think of. They made the night so much fun and the night went so quick because we were having so much fun, you'd honestly think we'd been friends for years with how much we were laughing! We've already decided that we all need to go out together on a night out, for drinks, for food, you name it we'll definitely be meeting up to do something.

The friends that you're able to make through blogging is genuinely my favourite part of it all and it makes it so worth it. I have so many people who I love talking to but that I've never got to meet, but now Becky, Tina and me have each other to organise things with during Leeds. Thank you for making the night so much fun girls! Go and give these girls some love, I'm sure you'll love them as much as I do!

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