Friday First | Kenneth Turner Midsummer Night

You might have seen on my Instagram that way back in February I was sent this beautiful candle from the wonderful people from Kenneth Turner. I was stunned when I opened the packaging. First of all even the box the candle comes in is totally luxury and you instantly know that this is a candle that a lot of time, effort and love has gone in to. The candle itself to so simple, yet absolutely stunning. The vase that the candle comes in is beautiful, and I love that it makes me candle really stand out and it's definitely a centre piece.

I received my candle in the scent Midsummer Night which is described as "a heady fusion of honeysuckle, jasmine and tuberose with notes of moss and oak." I can imagine that a candle that's described as having undertones of moss and oak isn't everybody's cup of tea, however the floral notes of this candle really do hit you but not in an overpowering way and you can really tell that the scent of Midsummer Night was "inspired by the scent of cascading flowers created for a magical evening in an English country garden" (

As well as having a beautiful vase and packaging, every candle also comes with "a decorative leaf charm around the base" which I find is such a simple touch, yet adds so much. I think I'll be adding this to my keys once I've fully burnt my candle. The candle claims to burn for "up to 50 hours" (, I'm never good at keeping track of how long candles actually burn for but 50 hours is a pretty great claim for a candle. I personally love buying candles that I know I'll be able to reuse once I've completely burnt down my candle, and Kenneth Turner even tell you how to clean out the vase and give you ideas of how to reuse them.

The scent of this candle is something else. As soon as I first opened this package from Kenneth Turner I could smell the scent so clearly and I hadn't even opened the candle box. When burning this candle the scent really does fill a room, but it isn't overpowering. You can definitely smell it, but it's a smell you want to be in. It's not a heavy scent, it isn't a sickly sweet scent, it's just a gorgeous scent that you definitely want to fill a room with.

Will I continue to burn my Kenneth Turner candle? Definitely. I've got a lot of candle to burn and I'm in love with the scent. I'm a candle lover, and I have a stupid amount of candles sitting waiting to be burnt, but at the moment this is the candle I'm reach for a lot to burn.
Would I repurchase a Kenneth Turner candle? The Kenneth Turner candles are definitely a candle you buy yourself as a treat, or really treat someone to as a gift. They aren't the cheapest candles in the world, and at first the price tag actually made me scared to burn this candle. However everything about this candle is worth the price tag!
Would I recommend Kenneth Turner candles? I really would. The scent I have is beautiful and every single part of the candle is definitely worth the price tag. Kenneth Turner also have an incredible range of items as well as candles and so many items and scents have been added to my wishlist!
Overall score out of 5? At the minute it's a 4. The only reason this candle isn't a 5 is because I haven't been burning it long enough to know how cleanly the candle burns or if the candle leaves loads of overly at the sides. However, I will keep you updated on this!

Have you tried anything from Kenneth Turner? Do you think you'd try anything from Kenneth Turner? Let me know!