Life | Goodbye March

Dear March,

I feel like this is going to be more of a little love note thing rather than a letter. I feel I haven't done much this month and I've probably completely wasted you. I'm sorry March.

When I think back to what I've done this month all that really jumps out at me is endless hospital appointments and visits or phone calls from the doctors. Baby steps is the only way that I can describe how I feel about the progress I'm making towards finding out what's actually going on and getting any closer to controlling it.

I finally had a really good catch up with my two best friends from sixth form though and I haven't seen them both in an incredibly long time. It felt nice to just eat a load of crap food while having a really good girly catch up.. Okay so I kind of do this with my Mum on a daily basis, but it was so nice to see my best friends.

For me my year is starting off incredibly slowly, so you've been a bit of a strange month March. I can't wait for Spring to finally appear in all it's full glory, the sun is slowly showing it's face but a little bit more would be welcome.

Thank you for providing me with a little bit of sunshine to help get me through when I feel like I'm stuck.

Beka. xo