Life | Favourite February Posts

Let's do favourites with a difference! I love doing my monthly favourite posts, however I don't really have any new favourites that I haven't already talked about to death. You might remember during Blogmas that I did a blog post all about my favourite posts from that month, so that's what I'm doing today... My favourite February posts!

I was hoping I wouldn't have an all time favourite for the month, however this might just be that post for this month. Imii is a blogger that I love and I love reading basically everything she writes. As soon as I saw this blog post I knew it was going to draw me in. I'm someone who saves something from practically everything I do, I have every single gig ticket I've ever been to, I have silly little things like tickets from that time me and Ryan went to the zoo.. You name it I've probably got something saved from it. Now I save all of my little bits and bobs on memo boards which are hanging on my walls, but I love how Imii put hers in a little notebook and wrote a tiny paragraph about each thing. It definitely inspired me!

Again, Corrie is one of my favourite bloggers. I've been struggling with sleep a lot lately and I'm trying to work out if its stress and worry keeping me awake or something else. So when I saw a blog post about things that I can do the night before to make tomorrow better I knew this was a blog post for me. I love waking up knowing exactly what I'll be doing that day, and if I can be organised the night before, then I definitely will be.

As one of the biggest Harry Potter fans going I'm not quite sure how I haven't come across this recipe sooner, but you can bet your little cotton socks that as soon as I saw this blog post I knew it was one I had to save and had to try. With me currently being ill it's definitely something that I think I'll be trying sooner rather than later!

10 Times We've All Wanted To Kill Our Boyfriend - Unf4bul0us
Emma made me laugh so much with this blog post. It was a blog post I related to a lot, come on we've all had those moments when we've all wanted to kill our boyfriends, but I don't know if we'd all admit it. Number 5 was definitely my favourite...

I think you know by now just how important mental health is in my life, I don't think I'd be a mental health nurse if it wasn't. I've read quite a few mental health posts this month and loved them all, but what I really loved was how Amie spoke about stigma, where it comes from and how we can fight stigma surrounding mental health.

So those are just a few of my favourite posts from February, I couldn't include all but I will be sharing some more over on my Twitter! What posts did you love in February?