Beauty | LUSH Ambrosia

It's a LUSH review.. It's a brand that we've never reviewed on LittleWorldOfBeka before, let's just take a moment to appreciate and celebrate that! Today I'm reviewing Ambrosia Shaving Cream from LUSH which I picked up in the Christmas sales. For as long as I can remember I've always been recommended D'Fluff as a shaving cream, however I never got the chance to smell it when I was in store as strawberries are a scent that I sometimes find too overwhelming, so I picked up Ambrosia instead.

Ambrosia is a shaving cream that claims it "makes shaving sheer heaven" by being able to "calm any reaction to [skin] being dragged" and also "provide a barrier against your razor". Ambrosia claims that it's able to do all that by containing chamomile blue oils, jojoba oils, honey, cocoa butter and linseed mucilage which help to "cool, soothe and moisturise [skin]" (

So does it live up to it's claims? I'd say so yeah. I first used Ambrosia on the morning of my graduation so it was put through it's paces on the very first day as I wasn't wearing tights with my dress. I used it with a brand new razor blade, and although I use razor blades which have the moisture bars I sometimes still experience burn and irritation from my blades.

The razor seemed to glide over my legs a lot easier than normal and I definitely didn't experience any irritation. As it was my graduation I still used a body butter to make my legs silky smooth and amazing for my big day. I used Ambrosia a few days later and I didn't use a body butter to put the moisturising claims to the test and I can safely say that my legs still felt soothed and moisturised just from using Ambrosia. I seemed to forget I'd even picked this up until I found it in my bag full of goodies that sits in my bathroom so for the past week I've been loving this again.

Will I continue to use Ambrosia? I will. The scent is something that took me a few minutes to get used to, although I can't quite put my finger on what part of the scent it is that I don't enjoy. But my legs do feel a lot better since using Ambrosia.
Would I repurchase Ambrosia? I think I will. I think it's fairly priced, however this will purely depend on how far my product goes. I try to only use a small amount and a thin layer but we'll see how long it lasts before I feel I need to repurchase it.
Would I recommend Ambrosia? I would, my legs have definitely felt smoother and more moisturised since using Ambrosia and my skin hasn't seemed irritated by shaving like it normally would. I'm still going to use moisturiser with this though, purely because I've got so much to get through! My only complaint about Ambrosia is that if you don't rinse your blade often enough it will clog it up; only a tiny complaint.
Overall score out of 5? A 3. I need to see how long this product lasts me before I need to repurchase it. I can't quite work out how I feel about the scent, but I do love how my legs feel after using it!

Do you currently use or have you ever used Ambrosia? If you do, what do you think? Would you try Ambrosia? Do you use any other shaving creams from LUSH? Let me know!