Friday First | Crobar Cricket Flour Energy Bars

Okay, don't be put off by the title! "Cricket flour, really?" Yeah I know, I can hear you. I had the exact same thoughts. But I promise you, they are so tasty and so much better than you dare to think.

I'm terrible for snacking on the go. I'm either craving something sweet, I need some spare change, or I'm just lying to myself by thinking that I'm actually hungry. Either way, no matter the reason why it's usually a chocolate bar that ends up in my hand. Of course we no that the occasional chocolate bar won't kill us, but watching what I eat while snacking and craving that sweetness is probably better for me than reaching for the chocolate.

So although probably not the first thing anyone would want to eat unless on an episode of I'm A Celebrity... crickets are actually better for you and the environment than you may think. As well as taking less resources to farm and produce less by-products doing so, cricket flour is actually higher in protein and micro-nutrients that beef. I received two flavours, both packed with goodness and both tasting a lot better than I expected them to! Both of these bars had the same look and texture that can only be compared to the Nakd bars, so if you like them you will not have an issue with Crobar.

Cacao & Cricket Flour
So this is usually exactly what I'm looking for in a bar like this, although I'm looking for a bar that is better for me, I'm craving chocolate so I really want something chocolate flavoured. As well as being packed full of cacao (cacao powder, nibs and butter) this bar is also packed full of goodness in the form of cashews, sunflower seeds, sultanas, dates, cranberries, chia seeds and goji berries! I felt like I was walking through a Holland & Barrett reading through those ingredients. Cacao is quite a powerful flavour, so if it's not one you enjoy you won't enjoy this bar unfortunately. I absolutely loved this bar, and although cricket powder has been described as having a taste very similar to hazelnuts and buckwheat, I couldn't taste any hint of that.

Peanut & Cricket Flour
Honestly I'd be less likely to pick this one off the shelf out of the two flavours, but after giving it a go I loved it just as much as the cacao bar. Although the peanut bar has less ingredients than the cacao bar it is still packed full of goodness in the form of peanuts, sultanas, dates, sunflower seeds and of course cricket powder. When I saw the lack of ingredients I was a little worried as to if it would even taste of peanut, and then if the flavour of the cricket powder would come through. I don't know why I was worried as the peanut flavour in this bar was absolutely gorgeous and I was gutted when I finished it! Also, can we please talk about how pretty that packaging is! I'm slightly in love with the leaves on the packaging and the colours!

So there we have it, I can confirm that when incorporated into a bar like this cricket powder is nothing to be scared of as you can't taste it but you still get all of the goodness! Looking quickly on the Gathr Foods website Crobar's are becoming easier to get hold of, so I'll just have to keep my eyes peeled when I'm out and about and pick one up. If you get chance definitely give one a go because I'd love to know what you think! Like I said, what isn't there to love about eating something that's good for you but also still tastes great? If you want to know anything else about Crobars then all the information can be found over at!

Would I repurchase Crobars? I think if they were more readily available and fairly priced then I definitely would. They were tasty and filled a hole, and I know they'd cure a craving for chocolate or sweetness. After having a look online where you can buy them I'll definitely be keeping my eyes out for them.
Would I recommend Crobars? I'd recommend them to people who I know like Nakd bars because they are so similar in texture and I know that texture puts a lot of people off. But if people were willing to give them a go and try something new then I highly recommend these bars to everyone!
Overall score out of 5? A 3. They don't have the biggest flavour range, maybe this is something that is being developed and I think they need to be more readily available. They definitely tasted great and the flavours were really strong, definitely not what I was expecting. If they become more readily available with a bigger flavour range then that score will definitely go up.

I was sent these products for free in return for a review. All opinions are my own, honest and have not been influenced in any way. I have not been paid for this post.