Life | Mothers Day Gift Guide

Mothers Day is just around the corner in the UK and if you're anything like me you're still racking your brains as to what you can treat your Mum to show her just how much you love her!

Mothers Day is incredibly close to my Mum's birthday, you might remember me talking about this last year so I really try to make her Mothers Day gifts different from her birthday presents.

Lets start with the beautiful cushions you can see at the top of the picture. These cushions were kindly sent to me by Evans Lichfield* to review and I'm in love with them. If you have a Mum who loves to decorate the house and keep it looking fresh then I find cushions are a great gift; they are a great way to brighten up a room, especially when they are patterned beautifully like these!

Chocolates are another perfectly safe gift which every Mum loves to receive on any occasion! Another safe gift that every Mum loves to receive is a candle. Kenneth Turner* sent me this beautiful candle to review and I instantly knew it would make the perfect Mother's Day gift. The scent Midsummer Night is just a beautiful scent, blended perfectly and the presentation of this candle is beautiful. I'll be doing a blog post dedicated to this candle so keep your eye out for that soon!

Mother's Day for me is the perfect time to buy your Mum something that you know she loves and something that you know is one of her favourite things. For me this could be her favourite perfume or a favourite nail varnish so she can truly feel special when having a pamper day or while out.

I love giving the little sentimental gifts as well such as little Mum keyrings. You might find these cheap and tacky, but to me these are that perfect little gift that is appropriate from a child of any age. You could also treat her to something that you know she'd absolutely love that isn't a typical Mothers Day gift, such as a Disney DVD. Who doesn't love Disney and who doesn't have a favourite Disney film? It doesn't have to be Disney, but I know my Mum is starting to collect Disney Classics on Blu Ray, so it's a perfect gift.

So that is my quick gift guide idea for Mothers Day! What are you planning on getting your Mum for Mothers Day? Let me know!

*I was sent these products for free in return for a review. All opinions are my own, honest and have not been influenced in any way. I have not been paid for this post.