Life | Getting Through Illness

You might have noticed me talking on Twitter about how I'm ill and becoming increasingly bored not being able to do all the stuff I'm normally able to do. So I thought I'd share with you what is currently keeping me from not loosing my mind from boredom.

Call The Midwife & Mr Selfridge
I actually didn't watch either of these programmes from the beginning, despite my Mum telling me how great both were. I caught up and now I'm addicted, deeply in love with both and religiously watch them weekly!

Honestly, there is that little part of me that loves Vera so much I actually want to be her. I love everything about her and this show, definitely one of my favourites that I wouldn't be able to cope without!

Criminal Minds & Once Upon A Time
Both shows that I've watched since the very beginning and do not miss an episode. Criminal Minds hold a very special place in my heart and I'm always eagerly awaiting news of it's return during season breaks and what not. Same with Once Upon A Time, however I'm still currently waiting for Netflix UK to update so I'm rewatching old episodes.

Panic! At The Disco Death Of A Bachelor & One Direction Made In The A.M.
I'm struggling with noise a lot lately, I'm incredibly sensitive to sound, so I'm struggling to listen to music. However two albums I'm currently loving without any trouble are these two. Okay, so I kind of loved One Direction before I fell ill, but a girl can still love it can't she?

So those are currently what is helping me get through this horrible illness, what do you turn to when you're ill? Let me know!