Guest Post | Peter Minkoff - Beauty Lovers Valentine's Day Gift Guide

So Valentine's Day is literally just around the corner! If you're incredibly last minute and still need gift ideas, or if you're like Ryan and me and still don't know if you're doing Valentine's Day here is some last minute inspiration and gift ideas!

My gift to all my beautiful readers is another guest post from the wonderful Peter Minkoff who is a beauty editor for HighStyleLife, and here are three examples of his previous work; one, two, three. If you want to know more you can also find Peter over on his TwitterI hope you enjoy reading this and we'd both love your feedback.

If you are tired of the usual flowers and chocolates combo – we understand you. Unfortunately, this combination has become a boring tradition – it is cheap, safe, and easy to find. However, not everyone wants to be stuck in a rut, and nowadays we can see so many creative ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts. Stay with us and check out our list. Enjoy!

1.     Sexy Lingerie Set
Trust us, there is no girl in this world who would mind receiving a set of sexy lingerie as a Valentine’s Day gift. This is particularly true when it comes to high-quality bras and briefs (or even thongs) that are made of the finest materials out there. Silk and satin are absolute girls’ favourites, and lace is definitely on the top of that list besides these two. If you are not sure about the colour, take pink or red – they will be a constant reminder of your love towards her. Also, when talking about brands, you should definitely go for Agent Provocateur – their pieces are well-known for being extremely attractive yet sophisticated at the same time.

2.     Fancy Accessories
If your darling loves beauty and fashion, you can always choose a gift that encompasses both of her passions. Some of the most prominent fashion houses are coming up with fabulous accessories that are indeed true collectibles. It seems that technology inspires them, so there are numerous to-die-for phone cases that any girl would love. Moschino, Valentino, even Topshop and many others have designed different models of phone cases, from the elegant ones in textured leather, to those made in rubber, embellished with crystals and studs. You cannot make a mistake with these, because each one represents a perfect combination of beauty and extravagance.

3.     Organic Beauty Products
You can never go wrong with organic beauty products, and there are numerous reasons to support this claim. First of all, they are becoming a massive hit all over the globe nowadays, which is not surprising simply because of the fact that they are compatible with all skin types. Besides that, these are much gentler to your face than regular beauty products because their ingredients are produced with special methods of bio-farming that exclude numerous toxic substances. This is exactly why organic face moisturisers, scrubs and masks are perfect gifts for your beloved one on Valentine’s Day. Needless to say, they are appropriate for both men and women.

4.     A Spa Date
A spa date is one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day gift that indeed has multiple benefits. Besides spending several hours together enjoying the intimate atmosphere, it will help you relax and lower your stress levels. A private steam room, fireplace, hot tub and massage beds are really a true treat on this special day. Get pampered by all these fabulous treatments and feel splendid at least that once a year, because you definitely deserve it.

Don’t play safe and forget about the chocolates and flowers – there are so many great ideas and it would be a shame to stick to the least creative one. The most important thing is to know your beloved one very well – his or her personal interests should be taken into consideration while picking a perfect gift. If you have that covered, you’re halfway there. Good luck!