Life | Japan Goodies

So I felt like the luckiest girl in the world when my cousin and his wife came to visit on Boxing Day and not only had bought us all Christmas presents, but had also bought us all gifts from their recent trip to Japan!

Japan is somewhere that I would love to visit so the fact that I now have my own gifts and items from there is just incredibly special to me.

I was bought the cutest little drawstring bag which not only has a Disney print of Cinderella's Castle and Minnie but was also filled with little Mickey Mouse shaped jelly sweets. I was also given a Minnie Mouse makeup bag (which is fantastic quality, it's really well made), which was filled with a Japanese mascara and what I think is a Minnie Mouse lip balm; I haven't yet opened it but I'll be doing a review on both so we'll find out then! I also received the cutest pair of socks with a little kitten reading books on, you might have seen these when I shared them on Instagram not long ago!

I was also given two little Rascal toys and a little frog that is sitting up.. Completely random gifts you might be thinking; maybe. However they were from little grab machines which my cousin's wife was incredible at! They might be random, but to me they mean just as much as any other gift. I'm the kind of girl that keeps the tiny little things that no one else would think much to, but if it has a meaning to me it will probably be kept.

They also bought a box of mini green tea Kit Kat's for us to try and a mini chocolate bars called Black Thunder. Which I have yet to try, but I'm sure you'll find out on Twitter what I think when I do.

This might seem like a random post but I just could not wait to share my Japanese goodies with you and just write down how grateful I truly am. Honestly, my gifts are so special I just sit and stare at the bag they are still in.. Which just happens to be a Disney bag!