Life | Dear January

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Dear January,

You've definitely been a strange month. I've still been ill so I haven't been able to do a lot of the things that I originally had planned for you, but I've been able to do other things.

Most importantly and the moment that will always stand out for me as the moment of January 2016 is my graduation day. What an incredible day that was; when else will I be able to wear a hat and gown and get to run around pretending I'm actually a Hogwarts student?

You were the month I did a decent amount of online sales shopping and got some decent bargains, more than I would if I'd have just gone shopping in the sales as I normally would have! I kind of wished that I'd done a whole post on everything that I managed to pick up in January, however everything seems to have been all over my Instagram.

I've been able to spend a lot of quality time with family, friends and Ryan this month; mainly cause I haven't been allowed to do anything else. It's been really nice spending days with my Mum and weekends with my Grandparents.

So although you've been a strange month January where I've still been ill, trying to overcome whatever's going on and not being able to do anything that I originally had planned. You've been a good month so many more reasons.

Thank you for all the memories.

Beka. xo