Fashion | ARK Clothing Haul

You might have seen all over Twitter that ARK had an insane sale recently, and I mean 50% on top of sale items insane! So who can blame a girl for treating herself to a few pieces while off ill?

Jemma Tartan Midi Dress; Originally £19.99,  Reduced to £5, Bought for £2.50
I have been looking for a midi dress for at least a year or two but I could just never find one that I liked, until I spotted this one. I love the pink check pattern and the teeny tiny straps. It also has small lace panel towards the bottom of the dress too. It fits beautifully; the material has stretch in it so you can easily get into it and still breathe, but also while the dress fits properly without clinging to every lump and bump.

Ella Rose Lace Peter Pan Collar Tartan Dress; Originally £28, Reduced to £14, Bought for £7
I love smock dresses but I could never find one that looked right on me. This smock dress is very slightly tapered at the waist so it's every so slightly fitted and sits a lot better on me while still looking like a smock! I also love the peter pan collars; I always have and I own far too many pieces of clothing with collars on them. My favourite thing about this dress is that the collar is detachable for washing, thank you to whichever genius thought of that!

Labana Lace Playsuit; Originally £23, Reduced to £6, Bought for £3
Who doesn't love a good playsuit? They are one of those pieces that I think are timeless and I love them, however only being 5"2' I actually really struggle to find one that looks right on me and one that I love. As soon as I saw this little black number I knew it was going to be mine, the lace overlay at the top was just something else and I can't wait to rock it on a night out. It is a little short however so I think I'll be pairing it with a pair of tights!

Lincoln Tartan Check Skirt; Originally £15, Reduced to £10, Bought for £5
Is it just me that screamed "Clueless!" in my head as soon as I saw this little check skirt? I've just realised that I've bought a lot of check clothes recently, oops. I love the classic check look of this skirt and I've already started thinking of outfits of what I can wear this skirt with. It is a little short though, so tights will definitely be featuring in whatever I wear.

Springhill Aztec Cami Top; Originally £20, Reduced to £5, Bought for £2.50
I always find that Autumn and Winter are the best time to stock up on those summer and holiday clothes. I've picked up a couple of summer tops in some other sales lately and I loved the pink, blues and purples in this Aztec print top and I can't wait to wear it already.

Petty Mosaic Tile Print Top; Originally £18, Reduced to £5, Bought for £2.50
I wont lie, I love the pattern of this top and it's another top that I just can't wait to throw on when the weather is warm enough and it's enough to make me want to book a holiday right now. It was definitely the straps that made me throw this top straight into my basket, who doesn't love little daisies?!

Light Wash Baneberry Floral Pocket Shorts; Originally £22.99, Reduced to £5, Bought for £2.50
I'm a completely sucker and addict for shorts, there I've admitted it. Seriously I love nothing more than a good pair of shorts; I live in them when I'm on holiday, and I throw them on with a pair of tights whenever I can whether it's a gig or just a colder day. The little floral pocket also just adds a little something extra which is cute!

Did you pick up anything in the insane ARK sale? If you did let me know, and look out for these picks coming up in #OOTD and #WIWT posts throughout the year!