Blogmas Day 1 | Welcome to Blogmas!

Dear December,

How are you already here? I don't understand where this year has gone and how you seem to have gone so quickly.

So last year you didn't feel festive at all; it was a huge shame and a strange feeling. So this year I'm injecting festivity into my blog and my life by taking part in Blogmas! I'm amazed by how many ideas I actually have for Blogmas and I'm really praying that I'm able to stay on track with all the posts I have organised for everyone. I actually plan to have a post every single day up until Christmas Day, including Christmas Day! And I then have a couple of posts planned for the days up until New Years Eve and then we'll be back to the normal blogging routine.

I don't feel ready for Christmas at all, I honestly haven't bought one Christmas present yet. I have ideas for everyone and I know what I want to get people, I just actually need to buy some! Maybe I'll actually buy some once I've finished writing this post.

I don't have a lot planned for you December, I feel like I'm working a lot but I have a few days in Edinburgh planned which I am so excited for! Please feel more festive this year December!

Beka. xo