Blogmas Day 8 | Favourite DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

I'm the kind of person who loves looking at DIY projects and I would love to give them to people, however I don't know enough people who appreciate those kind of things. However, not wanting to let all my lusting go to waste, I thought I would share with you today some of my favourite Christmas DIY Ideas!

I'm personally a sucker for all kind of scrubs as you've probably noticed and I've had a go at making my own. However I just think that giving this as a gift to someone for Christmas would be a different kind of treat and it's so obvious you put time and effort into it. I also love the fact you've got the freedom to go with whatever scent you'd want!
Just like the sugar scrub I think a homemade lip balm is another perfect gift that just screams "I really thought of you while making this". Again, you'd be able to run away with the flavours and colourings used and you'd be able to make these really personal no matter how many you make!
For that person who is a complete foodie this would be the perfect idea. I know so many of my girl friends who would love this, and I think it's such a cute gift that is so easy to personalise to their own tastes. You could go wild with the colours, toppings, and everything else within this box. I'd personally love to receive one of these!

Reindeer Noses Mason Gift Jars
Again, another food gift with a difference. I think would be such a cute gift for a small child that you'd be giving sweets to this Christmas. It's such an inventive way of packaging sweets and I think it just keeps that Christmas magic alive that little bit longer by giving them their very own Rudolph!

For that wine lover, instead of a bottle of wine why not create a decoration out of old wine corks? I think it's such a vintage and rustic looking present, even someone who isn't a fan of wine would love to own one of these!

I have seen these homemade county/map pins everywhere and I have always been in love with them, infact I'm always so tempted to make one for myself. If you know someone who has moved away, or is just extremely proud of where they are from why not give them a gift this Christmas that helps them to display this in a different way than normal?

So those are just some of my favourite ideas for DIY Christmas Gifts! Are you the kind of person who would give a DIY gift? Have you made any for people this year? Let me know!
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