Blogmas Day 4 | Christmas Gift Guide Dr Who/Sherlock

It's another gift guide! Although potentially not as big as the previous two gift guides I've done, Sherlock and Dr Who still both have pretty big fan bases. I'm usually always on Tumblr multiple times a day, and believe me the love for both of these shows is still huge...

Lets start with the Dr Who gifts!
What is Christmas without receiving some form of clothing? My brother the other year received a T Shirt off his then girlfriend for Valentines Day I believe, but he absolutely loved it. Just like the Potterhead guide, why not buy that Whovian in your life a skirt to proudly display their love, or better yet their own bowtie!
Jewellery and keyrings are always nice little stocking fillers at Christmas time. Why not buy a set of bracelets that all individually mean something, or buy them their own Tardis to always carry around. Better yet, why not buy them a set of keyrings.. Perfect for those couples who are both Dr Who mad!
The beauty of Dr Who is that their are so many different kinds of gifts for each fan out their. Whether it's a print of their favourite Doctor, or every single Doctor. Whether it's being able to turn their bedroom into their very own Tardis, or something as simple as a glass.

Just as with Dr Who fans, there is always the perfect gift out there for any Sherlock fan!

As we've already decided, jewellery is always a safe bet when it comes to Christmas and Sherlock fans have many quotes that they all live by, as well as many items that have a significant meaning.
Everyone knows what 221B means to any Sherlock fan, in fact it is probably the most iconic symbol of Sherlock apart from his hat.. So why not buy them their own version of 221B to have for themselves?
Depending on which Sherlock is their favourite you can always find gifts specifically for that actor. Just like the jewellery there are many quotes within Sherlock that fans love, why not find out their favourite and buy them something displaying their favourite quote.

So hopefully I've given you some more ideas for the fans that you might just have in your life! I hope you're enjoying Blogmas so far and next Friday is my last gift guide that will be aimed at The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones fans!
Blogmas Day 5 Preview: Tomorrow I'm talking about some of my favourite November blog posts!