Blogmas Day 31 | Dear 2015...

So it's actually the very last day of 2015. Let me say the cliche of where the hell has this year gone?! Honestly, I feel like this year of my life has flown by so quickly.

So much has happened this year; I finished university. I now actually am able to say "I'm a mental health nurse" without having to add the word 'student' in. I am not against student nurses; more that it feels so strange to me still that I'm actually a fully qualified nurse and I now have a whole career ahead of me. I haven't officially qualified yet however, no that happens in January 2016.

Thinking back I suddenly can't think of anything else that has massively changed in my life; writing this blog post while I can't remember anything was probably not the smartest idea I've ever had.. I feel that I've grown up a lot this year. I got my first job, well not my first ever job, but my first full time job. Sorry, that sentence is still super exciting to me.

Personally 2015 has been a big year for me, in so many good ways and I'll definitely be taking some of my favourite memories from 2015.

I have a few changes to my blog coming in the new year too; 1) My letter to each month will be published at the end of the month, allowing me to reflect back on, rather than the start. 2) Each month I'll be introducing a blog post where I share some of my favourite blog posts from that month to share some more love and positivity. 3) I'm going to be a lot easier on myself, and not stress out so much if I miss a blog post or if I'm not overly active on Twitter.

I hope you all made the most of 2015 and have some happy memories to take forward. If not for whatever reason, then I hope that 2016 is your year.

However you decide to celebrate then I hope you welcome in the New Year in style and enjoy yourself regardless!


Beka. xo