Blogmas Day 29 | What I Got For Christmas 2015

So it's finally time to show you all what I got for Christmas. Again, just like last year I am in no way showing off or bragging about what I got. These are my favourite kind of posts to read and videos to watch and I love being able to share with everyone just how grateful I am.
I wish I was joking when I told you that this is currently how my bedroom looks; I'm still not feeling well enough to sort through everything and give it a proper home.

I'm going to write this blog post in the only way I know how and the only way my brain will allow me to; chronological order in the way that I received my gifts. Starting with my gifts from my parents and brother.
As you can see I got a hell of a lot of owl themed gifts this year, would you guess that they are my favourite animal? Along with a Mulberry purse, my Harry Potter colouring book and Minnie Mouse slippers. Of course there are some Christmas favourites thrown in there to, what is Christmas morning without receiving chocolate?

Then in the afternoon I received my gifts from my Grandparents after eating far too much lunch. I was lucky enough to get the Harry Potter Illustrated edition, along with another new colouring book. I also received some beautiful bath bombs, products and lotions that I cannot wait to try, a beautiful top and some Disney pyjamas that I can't wait to wear! Along with even more chocolate!

Ryan pulled the ultimate long distance relationship trick that evening and actually turned up on my front door step holding the biggest gift bag I've ever seen and the most beautiful bunch of flowers. His parents treated me to so many wonderful gifts, more than I ever expect from them and I have been truly spoilt by them by receiving Soap & Glory, Dove and so many other pamper products!

And Ryan spoilt me to Disney goodies, and unintentionally started my Tsum Tsum addiction, bought me my very own Baymax and bought me my very own world map so that I can start to track where we have been in the world. He made the world map that extra special by adding in a Harry Potter quote, that still makes me squeal every time I think about it.

My cousin and his wife then came to see us on Boxing Day so I feel like I was spoilt even more by not only receiving so many products from The Body Shop but they also bought me a brand new Kindle cover which now means that I have my very own Book of Spells!

I am truly grateful for every single gift that I received this year and I feel like I have been thoroughly spoilt. I'm always so grateful to my family for everything that they buy me as they know me so well as always seem to make Christmas such a magical year by getting me those gifts that are just so personal. Christmas was such a great day this year for so many different reasons; being ill not included.

I hope you all had a fantastic day, were spoilt rotten and love everything that you received!

Beka. xo

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