Blogmas Day 24 | Christmas Look Book

For me Christmas also screams party season; whether it's work Christmas do's, family parties, nights out with your friends, Christmas is all about celebrating so I thought I'd show you some outfits that I'd wear if I was going out for the night. Maybe this is a post that I should have done earlier in the month.. But hey, who doesn't still need an excuse to dress up? It's Christmas!

So this definitely is not how I imagined this post, I'd much prefer to be modelling the outfits.. But things don't always go to plan as this last week has shown me.
Starting with this beautiful floral print dress that I was so kindly sent by Stephanie's Closest. I haven't yet had the chance to review this dress; but there will be a post coming up in the New Year so look out for that! This dress is perfect for showing off curves and for me it's a dress that can be worn both night and day, perfect for any Christmas celebration!

While preparing this blog post I learnt that there is no way to photo a playsuit unless you're wearing it.. First of all I am in love with this playsuit. I got it for an absolutely steal from Miss Selfridge during Black Friday; it was meant to be £30 and I got it for £7.. I cannot wait to have an excuse to wear this! I find a playsuit a perfect option for those parties or nights out where you want to dress up but you're not quite feeling a dress. The bright coral doesn't seem to be coming across in the photo brilliantly, however is it just me that finds that the colour for party season?

And now for my Christmas Day outfit! Yes at 22 years old I am wearing a Santa dress on Christmas Day, and to make it even better me and my Mum will be wearing matching dresses! As I told you earlier in the month when I was little I always had a new dress to wear on Christmas Day, so why not bring back tradition and have a little fun with it to? I'll be wearing it with my beloved Pandora ring, as well as my usual necklace with my 18 and 21 keys on. I just think it's going to be a little fun and I can't wait to rock it! I'm pretty sure there will be a picture on Instagram if you're interested..

So that's my Christmas Look Book; the outfits I'd definitely wear on nights out and what I'll be wearing tomorrow. Do you have a Christmas Day outfit? What did you wear for your night out? Let me know!

Blogmas Day 25 Preview: Tomorrow I'll just be saying Merry Christmas!