Blogmas Day 22 | Christmas Nails

First of all I need to apologise for missing yesterday's post. Apparently collapsing, ending up in hospital and giving yourself a concussion really does take it's toll and I'm struggling to keep up with all my last minute blogmas posts. However, I haven't completely forgot about Blogmas Day 21, instead it's been moved to the 26th!

Okay so technically these aren't my Christmas nails.. I'll totally forgive you for calling me out on that, however due to being ill I just haven't yet had the time to paint my nails for Christmas, and honestly I don't even know if I'm going to get around to even painting them which breaks my heart.

So if I can't paint my nails for Christmas, I'm going to do the next best thing and at least show you the nail varnish I'd be using if I had painted them!

Me and my Mum bought these nail varnishes from Avon and if I remember correctly they're from their new Magic Effects Molten Metal range and we have them in Blue Steel and Graphite. Annoyingly I can't remember how much we paid for them, and I'm unable to link them for you!

My plan for my Christmas nails are to paint them a base white, most probably on my ring finger use Blue Steel to create a triangle for a Christmas Tree topped with a little diamond, and then I can't decide whether to paint my little finger all in Blue Steel, or create a glitter gradient on the rest of my nails.. Either way if I do get a chance to paint my nails expect to see them on my Instagram! I'll most probably end up using Graphite for my New Years Nails where I most definitely create a glitter gradient with my naked nails..

So those are my Christmas nails! What are you planning to do for yours? Do you do your nails for occasions like Christmas? Let me know!

Blogmas Day 23 Preview: Tomorrow I'm showing off my Christmas Look Book, including my Christmas Day outfit!