Blogmas Day 2 | Favourite Christmas Adverts

Christmas Adverts have become THE thing to talk about on social media as soon as November begins it seems. Everyone sits eagerly awaiting the Christmas adverts to see which is going to be the best, remember the buzz around the wait for the John Lewis advert? So I thought I'd list my favourite adverts of this year.
So I've had to put these two together. Unpopular opinion time; I'm not a huge fan of the John Lewis advert this year. I think it's great, however I just don't think it meets the expectations that were set last year. However, I absolutely love the Aldi advert and how they've had a little bit of fun at the expense of John Lewis..
I am in love with the McDonald's Christmas Advert this year. I think it's so close to everybody's heart, we all know that one person who will always turn the Christmas music off while everyone else is having a good old sing along. It gave me a good giggle, and I won't lie. I had a brief moment of excitement when I saw that you could get involved in the advert yourself.
What would Christmas be without the classic Coke advert? Like many others this is when Christmas really begins for me, I struggle to feel festive at all until I have seen the Coke advert. Although, let me let you in on a little secret.. I somehow still haven't seen the Coke advert for myself on TV yet.
Okay, so it's not strictly a Christmas advert but it's definitely my favourite advert on TV at the minute. I absolutely loved the Muppets when I was little and I will always sing along to the Muppets without fail. It also makes me want crumpets so what isn't to love?
If we're being strict about my favourite advert having to be a Christmas themed advert then it is most definitely the Tesco adverts that are currently on TV. However I am loving the gluten free emergency advert, purely because it reminds me so much of my own family!

So those are my favourite adverts of this year. What are yours?
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