Blogmas Day 18 | Christmas Cookbook

So for me Christmas is really all about food, especially baking with all the different scents and flavours and just everything. I haven't really had any time to get baking for Christmas this year, but I've definitely had a chance to put together some of the Christmas recipes that I really want to try...
I couldn't resist including this recipe, I love owls and the small child within me still secretly wants to create all the decorations for the Christmas tree that I can then eat!

A posset is one of those deserts that I've always wanted to try. They remind me of mini cheesecakes, in a strange way.. And they just look delicious.

What is Christmas without a trifle? Me and my Mum have made many trifles, but I honestly don't think we've ever really made a traditional trifle. Also, how gorgeous does this look?

What is Christmas without chocolate in some form of cake? I couldn't decide between these two recipes as they both look delicious, however there is that little part of me that is just screaming that chocolate roulade is basically a Christmas tradition.

I love the idea of hidden centre cakes and I think this would be a perfect twist for Christmas time, especially as an alternative for all the chocolate cake or the Christmas Pudding!

Again I couldn't chose between these two cheesecakes, both screaming Christmas flavours out to me. I know that if I'm going to make one, I'll definitely end up making the chocolate orange one first and I don't think it will last too long in my house.

So those are some of the Christmas recipes that I'm dying to try, what are yours? Let me know!
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