Blogmas Day 15 | Christmas Tree Reveal

So finally we have reached the 13th, well the 14th as you're reading this, which means that we can finally put our Christmas decorations up! We're very traditional in our house and that means that Christmas decorations cannot be put up until 12 days before Christmas, so the 13th, and must come down 12 days later.

This year having a new puppy who is growing, biting, chewing, and exploring everything we thought that it would be a good idea to go back to our smaller tree that we could put on top of the table rather than our big 6ft tree. My Mum was also over the moon as she managed to find a really good deal on a black Christmas tree and she's been wanting one for years!

As you can see we go all out with the glitter, fairy lights and tinsel, I mean hello it's Christmas!
We have glitter birds perched in our tree. Which always makes me want to burst into the 12 Days of Christmas every time one catches my eye..
We have our traditional Christmas tree decorations that have been passed down through our family for years and I'm pretty sure these will still be on my tree in the future!
And then we still have the Christmas decorations that me and my brother made when we were little that my Mum has clearly treasured since that day.

So that's what on my Christmas tree! What kind of decorations do you go for? Do you have a themed tree? Let me know, I'd love to see!
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