Blogmas Day 14 | Edinburgh Mini Break

So if you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or just happen to know me really well then you'll know that last week me and Ryan went up to Edinburgh for a few days! We went up with the intentions of exploring the Christmas markets and getting into the Christmas spirit, which we did, but we also got up to a few other things!
There is absolutely no missing the Scottish border, and after what felt like the longest journey ever I was so glad to see that we had finally made it to Scotland!
Once we'd checked into our hotel we were itching to get out and explore Edinburgh, see what we could find and experience the markets all lit up and bustling with people. Well, the weather had other plans. It was incredibly windy and wet so we first ended up running into Jenners as it wasn't too far from the hotel, where I ended up with incredibly decoration envy and then we dove into the nearest Starbucks to dry off and warm up.
If you saw the last picture on Instagram and wondered why I was looking so happy to be in toilet it's because I want in the Elephant House, or as more people might know it; the place where Harry Potter was written. For someone like me this is the holy grail of all holy grails and Ryan had said that we could go while we were in Edinburgh. Secretly, although I was dying to go I wasn't planning on going as I knew it was going to be something purely for me and Ryan wouldn't really get it, but he actually had to drag me in there. The food was great and it's a great little place if you ever get a chance to visit. If you're a massive Harry Potter fan like me then you will need to take a sharpie to the toilet..
On the second day the weather was a lot better so we went to the zoo, because hello have you met me? I'm the biggest child and I'm always wanting to go to the zoo if I can. Believe me, Edinburgh zoo reminds you that Edinburgh is mainly hills and I don't think my legs have forgiven me just yet. As we were walking back into the city I popped into the Lush and treated myself to a few things.
We then FINALLY hit the markets and what is a Christmas market without a Baileys Hot Chocolate? As I've got older this has become a staple for Christmas and will get me into the festive spirit without fail.

Edinburgh is definitely one of the prettiest cities that I have ever had the chance to visit and there is so much more that we want to do and see we'll definitely be planning another visit in the future. Just maybe in the summer when it's not so cold and wet...

So that was my mini trip to Edinburgh and what I got up to. Have you ever been to Edinburgh? Would you like to? Let me know!
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