Blogmas Day 12 | Christmas Traditions

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Everybody seems to love the same things at Christmas, but everyone and every family will have their own traditions. This is definitely my favourite part of Christmas, so I thought I'd explore some of my family's Christmas traditions.

No Decorations Until the 13th!
This is a tradition that I will always stick to. I know many people who put their decorations up as soon as we enter December, and I even know some who put their decorations up towards the end of November! I've always been bought up with the tradition that no Christmas decorations go up until the 13th, 12 days before Christmas, and they have to come down 12 days after Christmas or we'll just have bad luck.

No Presents Until Christmas Morning
Me and my brother have never been allowed to open any of our Christmas presents until Christmas morning, as I mentioned in my Christmas Tag the only present we were ever allowed to open early was the present I'd get once I'd been to see Santa. I used to be insanely jealous of my friends who were allowed to chose one present to open on Christmas Eve, but as I've got older I'm so glad my parents never let us do that.

No Sleeping in on Christmas Morning
So not strictly a tradition but it's something that definitely happens in our house. I'm 22 and definitely not a morning person, however I can guarantee that on Christmas morning I'm definitely awake and for the past two years I've woke my brother up on Christmas, I wish I could tell you that it wasn't stupidly early.. It's not like 6am early, but it's definitely not after 9am. There has only ever been one year that my parents had to wake me up on Christmas morning.. I'm such a child.

Seating Positions on Christmas Morning
Again, definitely not a tradition but something that I've noticed every single year. It doesn't matter where we sit in the living room any time of year; usually it's me in the arm chair and my Mum on her end of the sofa. Christmas morning this all changes, me and my brother have specific spots on the living room floor, my Dad will be on the sofa and my Mum on the arm chair.

Having a Specific Christmas Dress for Christmas Day
So this is a tradition that I'm bringing back this year. My Mum and Dad have always told me that when we lived with my Nanan when I was younger, she would insist that I had a nice Christmas dress every year and would always buy me one. I never really carried this on as I was growing up, but this year me and my Mum are having matching Santa dresses that we'll be wearing on Christmas day! Look out for these appearing in a lookbook coming soon!

So those are the Christmas Traditions that take place in my house and my family? What are yours? Let me know!
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